The Ultimate Pizza Battle Is Coming (TRAILER) | Pizza Wars 

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Nicole Russell is on a mission to become the world's next master pizza-maker. But first she must defeat some of New York's top chefs in a pizza battle royale. Whether she's trading NY-style slices with Frank Pinello, or recreating pizzas from famous movies to win over Binging with Babish, Nicole is putting her skills to the test in a new pizza-themed competition each week. Will Nicole impress slice-obsessed judges like Sean Evans, Michael Imperioli, Mark Iacono, and Farideh Sadeghin, or let the coveted golden pizza trophy slip through her fingers?

Tune in every Monday at 11AM EST for a new episode of Pizza Wars and find out!

Presented by Ooni Pizza Ovens


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14-Iyn, 2021



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First We Feast
PIZZA WARS IS COMING! Who are you most excited to see Nicole face off against?
AntJustOwned Oy oldin
I absolutely love pizza. It’s my favorite food in the world. I wish I had this job. I’m following Nicole. She’s living my dream
One bite. Everybody knows the rules.
Nima Oy oldin
No one fuck this show
Trent Sybouts
Trent Sybouts Oy oldin
1. Sean Evans (Bring back the cook-offs with Evans please and thank you) 2. Motz 3. Molly 4. Alvin 5. Babish 6. Farideh (If you can get her) 7. Claire 8. Ramsey 9. Brad 10. Me (Professional chef face-off Chopped or Iron Chef style: their choice).
Matt Lang
Matt Lang Oy oldin
Frank! He’s such a great dude and is so good at what he does, I’m really glad to see him included here!
East Awesome
East Awesome 26 kun oldin
More pizza 🍕!!!
Konndu Oy oldin
pog wars
Gerardo Lopez
Gerardo Lopez Oy oldin
I know good pizza when I see it
Imperial Services Limited St.lucia.
This show looks dope…now I feel for a pizza
William Truong
Holy shit the internet personalities collide!
Norma Knepp
Norma Knepp Oy oldin
Way to go Nicole!!
Igor Schmidlapp
She sounds totally full of sh!t. The Motz of pizza...
Nic Newson
Nic Newson Oy oldin
This is Awesome! Get Em Nicole!
Matthew Wakefield
Lol Babish couldn't resist the cross section
Jarrod Wright
Jarrod Wright Oy oldin
Philthy Card Breaks
This looks great. Cant wait!
Razyar H
Razyar H Oy oldin
yo they got the Christopher from Spranos on here, loser is gonna get shot
That was a lot of pizzabortions
david mckesey
david mckesey Oy oldin
So glad Frank is here. I miss the pizza show!!
Richard Gerard
This crap isn't Pizza
Xavier Robertson
man this season of anime looks hype
Brian Duncan
Brian Duncan Oy oldin
This is the REAL pizza gate boys
suddie parry
suddie parry Oy oldin
heavy hitters
blahooper Oy oldin
So hyped
Jason Lowe
Jason Lowe Oy oldin
Even though Camera Guy Bill isn't previewed in here, I have hopes for a future cameo. I'll definitely be tuning in. Good move FwF. I see you sister 💖
Graeme Wilson
Graeme Wilson Oy oldin
This is going to be amazing!
Henk ter Heide
Why are your subtitles in Vietnamese?
Ime Prezime
Ime Prezime Oy oldin
holy shit its like every face of the cooking internet in the show aaaaa
tom barrett
tom barrett Oy oldin
L3nful Oy oldin
lol Trailer about pizzas that shows 99% of stuff that is not actual pizza... Ignorance is so bad... It's just so disrespectful and racist against cultures, it's a real insult against italian culture.
spiritparty Oy oldin
all the heavy hitters, good work! looks like this is going to be gooooood
Alexia Hill
Alexia Hill Oy oldin
You go girl!!! So proud of you and wishing you the very best!!!!! @Royalty_dna2017
*insert non-boneless pizza meme*
Matheus Gramigna
"IS THIS WHAT YOU WANTED?" Yes, Andrew, thank you.
Lazy Oaf
Lazy Oaf Oy oldin
Dommer Oy oldin
Can’t wait 👍🏻👍🏻
Scud Oy oldin
This. Is. Awesome!
Sankofa NYC
Sankofa NYC Oy oldin
I'm happy for her
FRAAAAAANKEEEEE! Where ya been bud? We need more pizza show
popshot Oy oldin
This feels like the final climax of the pizza anime episodes of first we feast and all the reoccurring characters are coming back
Ever Hernandez
IrishCrutch Oy oldin
anyone else think he didn’t get it from his Nonna but in fact, from…. GOODFELLAS 🙄
Craig Greene jr
Them pizzas did look good tho 🍕
I'm drooling a bit, all the pizzas look so delicious...
Nik Page
Nik Page Oy oldin
Bring it... Can't wait
DBn Oy oldin
Cory Fiegel
Cory Fiegel Oy oldin
Yoooooooo !!! Badish , Christopher and Frank !!!!!!!? Full send
Mike Schmidt
Mike Schmidt Oy oldin
Every concoction they made looked like absolute dogshit.
We need more pizza show with Frank, not this garbage
Trent Sybouts
Trent Sybouts Oy oldin
TOP 10 GUESTS WE NEED ON THE SHOW: 1. Sean Evans (Bring back the cook-offs with Evans please and thank you) 2. Motz 3. Molly 4. Alvin 5. Babish 6. Farideh (If you can get her) 7. Claire 8. Ramsey 9. Brad 10. Me (Professional chef face-off Chopped or Iron Chef style: their choice).
Reefer DB
Reefer DB Oy oldin
Bring it on!!!
stephaniemarie whitlock
Andrew B
Andrew B Oy oldin
I too enjoy my pizza while listening to generic trap beats.
Matthew Moore
Matthew Moore Oy oldin
Finally, chefs that don’t eat 100% of the food they cook. I just can’t support chefs who cook themselves to death, this is refreshing.
Auto Young
Auto Young Oy oldin
Frank got that pandemic weight on him. We're still waiting on new episodes of The Pizza Show!!!
Fitz Gerald Gerundio
The beats brooooooooo
Adam Warren
Adam Warren Oy oldin
I’m excited for this new show!!
Sebastian Strub
Y'all need to get El Presidente Portnoy on as a judge!
Ann Elizabeth
Ann Elizabeth Oy oldin
Lolll ew
nope nawman
nope nawman Oy oldin
Eh... Miss... Most of those are NOT a pizza. The talent can make up whatever they want but those "pizzas" are dresses up slop...
Uhroara Oy oldin
Joji and Brian
Mohammed Mufaz
Anybody wanna see Matt Stonie on Hot Ones???
PyroNinja713 Oy oldin
It's their channel and they can do what they want obviously, but the more stuff that they release the more I want Hot Ones to get its own channel. I REALLY don't care for anything else FWF produces...
Tymme Zinni
Tymme Zinni Oy oldin
It doesn't help that UZblock is slowly taking away features to make filtering stuff out easier, either....
juxyper Oy oldin
mark iacono doing his thing lol
Lamarias Lymosari
Only thing they're missing is a link to set a reminder for the premier. (and the delivery to my house)
B Oy oldin
Can we petition that if you start putting this stuff on the internet, you have to somehow also provide a slice of pizza for everyone watching? because now i want pizza and can't have any =(
idol hands
idol hands Oy oldin
Holy crap
future Oy oldin
I want to go there and i want i can understand just a little bit but still i won it that's so spicy my hair spicy versace
Jim Jackson
Jim Jackson Oy oldin
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Melinda J. Sparks
@Oscar S. Suttles Much appreciated I will text him as soon as I can.
Oscar S. Suttles
@Melinda J. Sparks *THROUG WAT'S AP * *+1=7=0=4=2=8=6=5=3=8=4*
Melinda J. Sparks
@Oscar S. Suttles I'm from USA🇺🇸 and I need someone like Expert Scott Phillip for mentorship, 🙏 how do I reach him.
Oscar S. Suttles
Really y'all know him?, I even thought I'm the only one he helped to walk through the fears and falls of trading.
Cora S. Zane
Cora S. Zane Oy oldin
I've got steady winnings thanks to Expert Scott Phillip and his profits is always assured, I've made £36,400 in just 14 days working with him.
MK's English
MK's English Oy oldin
This show is going to be great!
Hank Hill
Hank Hill Oy oldin
Takes a bite of the pizza. "Fuckin D girl!"
Surya Kant
Surya Kant Oy oldin
She might be the ugliest person i have ever seen But she makes damn good pizas
PBRStreetGang Oy oldin
I was wondering when a pizza show would drop on First We Feast
Sertac Cin
Sertac Cin Oy oldin
Nicole Russell, Frank Pinello, Mark Iacono, Scott Wiener, Farideh, all legends
Sertac Cin
Sertac Cin Oy oldin
Coooolll 😁 how many episodes are in?
Cancelled Peanut
looks a bit crazy, but dont know if it will be good. i just have to wait and see
Ultra Unity
Ultra Unity Oy oldin
One bite, everybody knows the rules. This looks like a knife fight.
This looks fun, can't wait
Hunter Oy oldin
They even got Mark Iacono on this
Noah Oy oldin
Timothy Whitcomb
Kathy Erickson
Hooray! This looks like a lot of fun...and delicious to watch!
Mister Alias
Mister Alias Oy oldin
The first pizza has already won
Andrew Lescht
Andrew Lescht Oy oldin
You had me at Pizza!
Know direction
Frankkky mr pizziola Fucking hype
Past 0n!
Past 0n! Oy oldin
yo this is epic
csspostal Oy oldin
Sign me up can't wait
Ryan Jones
Ryan Jones Oy oldin
Solid... can't wait
EBR Oy oldin
I'm excited about this because of EVERYONE except that black chick. Literally everyone else.
Tymme Zinni
Tymme Zinni Oy oldin
Agree; I don't know why they have to turn the obnoxious up to 11.
Drew Drabik
Drew Drabik Oy oldin
Yes, this is one of the missing pieces. I will be watching every episode
nedj10 Oy oldin
Most of the important Pizza faces...looking forward to this.
C. C.
C. C. Oy oldin
Looking forward to this. Good job, First We Feast.
Film Crew
Film Crew Oy oldin
Hell yes! PIZZA WARS!!!!!! My favorite food group (it includes everything!) PIZZA!!!!! Sorry for the exclamation overload... but PIZZA WARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Allan Cerda
Allan Cerda Oy oldin
Bruh...why are teasing?! Give me the pilot episode!
JerryLursx Oy oldin
OMG!!!!! This is gonna be 🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 💯
bierbrauer11 Oy oldin
This looks amazing
Andy Schirm
Andy Schirm Oy oldin
I'd love to see Dave Pageviews involved. You have to bring the Prez!
Dude is an absolute slap dick lol. Those reviews got old fast. They should definitely have Debbie on though
A A Oy oldin
This is the post I wanted to see. If they do a gold standard slice and The Prez ain't there to score it, it doesn't count in my books.
Tyson Smith
Tyson Smith Oy oldin
Nobody is beating Frankie P!!
marlin thrower
good video
Uglyprincw Oy oldin
bro used a razor to cut garlic twice the thickness of what you can do with a knife lmao
Tony Tippetts Jr
I'm so in to this. I'm drooling. Yes.
MrVovansim Oy oldin
First we Feast: pizza wars! Also first we feast: let's lead with the flamin' cowboy! A dish no sane human being will recognize as a pizza 😂
bionik6861 Oy oldin
Daliangeli Padilla
I see Babish I click
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