The Perfect New York Slice with Frank Pinello and Michael Imperioli | Pizza Wars 

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In New York City, pizza isn't just food, it's a way of life. But which iconic NY-style dish reigns supreme: the Sicilian square or the classic round pie? In the series premiere of Pizza Wars, host Nicole Russell faces off against Best Pizza's Frank Pinello to find out which slice is the true king of New York. And who better to judge the event than legendary actor and pizza obsessive Michael Imperioli? Tune in to find out if Nicole’s thin and crispy round pie is enough to beat out a “secret weapon” Frank picked up from nonna.

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21-Iyn, 2021



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ChungKingCanSuckIt 3 soat oldin
I wish the judges were the same every time... Mark and Scott, but hey Michael Imperoli? My Mom's Husband is friends with him... went to highschooll with him.
GENERAL Kun oldin
Frankie has really been eating that 🍕😭😭
richard brown
richard brown Kun oldin
I didn’t like this format at first. But it’s a unique idea that showcases amazing chefs and my girl just doing her thing.
Steve Trowbridge
Wait she doesn't make her sauce??
akira kazmi
akira kazmi Kun oldin
I am loving this series!!! What a great bubbly host!
dan pascal
dan pascal 2 kun oldin
That's Detroit style! Get over it! Almost stopped watching! 😁👍 Dude. Detroit style is not a side note! Is what it is! 😐😆
esau69able 2 kun oldin
All that pizza eatin' finally caught up to Frank!
smd ftb
smd ftb 2 kun oldin
Awe man, Frank looked up when he mentioned his Nonna. I remember her from a couple Pizza Show episodes. Now I'm sad.
mike benoit
mike benoit 3 kun oldin
Frank looking THICK..I love it
Jeffrolite 3 kun oldin
i need a link to that pizza stone. does anyone know?!
InMyUnderwear 4 kun oldin
Don't disrespect the pizza parlor! Ummmmm uzblock.info/post/video/qa6jroapfLBlgGk.html
Joseph Hall
Joseph Hall 4 kun oldin
Yeah spider don't take no bs pizza from nobody
Dignity Bail Bonds
Dignity Bail Bonds 5 kun oldin
... I think I'm in love. Nicole!
John Taukave
John Taukave 6 kun oldin
Frank's gained abit since the Pizza Show days...glad to see his finesse in his pizza work!
Rosie Haberberger
Rosie Haberberger 6 kun oldin
Frank definitely learned the garlic thing from Goodfellas
Joseph Tiberia
Joseph Tiberia 6 kun oldin
anyone else find this woman annoying af?
Travis Silva
Travis Silva 6 kun oldin
He didn't get that from his grandma he got it from the movie Goodfellas
Benemy 7 kun oldin
Anyone know if Frank had any health issues? He seems slower/different to last time around... Just wondering.
Aaron Lee
Aaron Lee 7 kun oldin
I’ve been wondering about Frank! Hope to see him more.
vectrexer 9 kun oldin
Oh yeah I'm Jealous! Looks fantastic! Wish it was more than a feast for the eyes right now.
Eric Bugin
Eric Bugin 10 kun oldin
detroit style is the best
LilRupie 11 kun oldin
Frank lookin a little doughy
FramesPerSecond 11 kun oldin
It’s been proven that slicing the garlic thin with a razor blade doesn’t add any benefits to cooking. You can just cut it normally.
AYardley 12 kun oldin
frank put on some weight
Doug Tait
Doug Tait 12 kun oldin
Pissa Pissa Pissa......AHHHHHHHHH
Nelson Garcia
Nelson Garcia 12 kun oldin
EchidnaPower 12 kun oldin
Damn I want this pizza so bad.
Lakers Laaajev
Lakers Laaajev 12 kun oldin
Damn ddrank Gained the fellow COVID -50 lol. It really hit the best of us lol
C Starr
C Starr 12 kun oldin
Man were have you been Frank
Thorsten Müller
Thorsten Müller 12 kun oldin
ice cold cola makes a pizza ;/
Sinic 12 kun oldin
Frank Pinello is an American treasure.
Roger Castle
Roger Castle 12 kun oldin
Don’t disrespect the pizza parlor
R C 12 kun oldin
Not really a war but still amazing!
A Smile II
A Smile II 12 kun oldin
Seriously where is my homie
MrRatFinkster 12 kun oldin
I want to learn how to make those doughs!
Ava fidgets 101
Ava fidgets 101 12 kun oldin
Please for the love of God get Michael Imperioli and Steve Schirripa on Hot Ones before their limited series podcast “Talking Sopranos” is over. I expect they would be great interviews and strong competitors.
puchoo 13 kun oldin
One grandma recipe everybody knows its form Paulie.
Louis Garguilo
Louis Garguilo 14 kun oldin
Spamoni Gardens has the best grandma pie on this earth. L&B for life.
Andy Mlakar
Andy Mlakar 14 kun oldin
wow frank got fat... but then again, havent we all?
Thachy PhD
Thachy PhD 14 kun oldin
I just finished rewatching Sopranos and you guys bring Chris Moltisanti back to life for a few slices, I'm hooked!
IamArghus 15 kun oldin
That garlic wasn't thin at all
s Takala
s Takala 16 kun oldin
I like her.
Invisiblue 16 kun oldin
I love the new Pizza Wars series!! 👍👍👍🔥🔥🔥
A man Named Turd
A man Named Turd 16 kun oldin
always respect the pizza place
Adam 16 kun oldin
Glad to see Frank back, I feel like Ive not seen him on youtube in a while.
ThisRoyalLife 16 kun oldin
Ok I gave this show a chance but I can't do it the chick is annoying as hell.
Mark Hershberger
Mark Hershberger 16 kun oldin
The freshness of the tomato?? They came from a can!!
G Ross
G Ross 16 kun oldin
Loved Nicole, such a great energy and so lovely!!!
Barnabas WannaBe
Barnabas WannaBe 16 kun oldin
CT has the pizza game fckd up - period.
MrDJHumor 16 kun oldin
whatsup with FWF and morbidly obeese hosts, that lady had so many pies her skin looks like pizza crust wtf
matt peacock
matt peacock 16 kun oldin
My guy Frank sporting that covid weight. I can relate.
Morpheus X
Morpheus X 17 kun oldin
Apparently his "nonna" is Paul Sorvino...
Brian Anderson
Brian Anderson 18 kun oldin
Nicole .... the gum to tooth ratio is........ wow
Brian Anderson
Brian Anderson 18 kun oldin
Nicole Russell.... toooooo much sista. Win on merit not begging. But other than that you can cook girl
Smeif Chapman
Smeif Chapman 18 kun oldin
frank looking thicc dad bod lol, gonna have to get em on some diet pizza
SqueakyCheeks 18 kun oldin
0:37 Pft that creativity score... Put some respect on the name
Filip Zaitsov
Filip Zaitsov 18 kun oldin
Anyone breaths The other person: - Wow thats amazing!
Bubonik Kronik
Bubonik Kronik 19 kun oldin
Awesome new show
J R 19 kun oldin
Frank is one of the nicest humble pizza maker on UZblock
KygohugZ 19 kun oldin
Nicole is already legendary. The camera loves her. And Franky P…..😍🔥. The mutual respect is so genuine. Lovin this!
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr 20 kun oldin
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr 20 kun oldin
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr 20 kun oldin
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr 20 kun oldin
Remy LeBeau
Remy LeBeau 21 kun oldin
Looks like Frank’s had a few too many of the best pizzas recently
Anthony D
Anthony D 22 kun oldin
I love this video because pizza is all about comfort. And all about how everyone loves theirs done! Italian American and African American. Pizza wars are real! Both pies looked exceptional! I wish I could have tasted both!!!!
Simon 22 kun oldin
Frank really put on some weight! I love this guy, he is so humble..
Billy 23 kun oldin
Michael Imperioli didn't get Frank's reference...
Sam Jo
Sam Jo 23 kun oldin
Am I the only one who peeped the flirting tho???
saysayuckfay y
saysayuckfay y 23 kun oldin
Omgggg I just came here to say they're hitting it off a little too well! 😂 It's cute tho and forever a mystery now
J's on my feet
J's on my feet 24 kun oldin
Shes definitely round
WhyteDem0n 24 kun oldin
IMHO, this series feels forced and low budget. Y'all left the neon colored tape on the floors, in the fucking shot. Come on...
Ashleigh Gonzales
Ashleigh Gonzales 24 kun oldin
We need more Frank!!!!
Tigol Biddies
Tigol Biddies 24 kun oldin
Bruh, those garlic slices weren't all that thin. Just use a good quality chef's knife.
Nicholosity 25 kun oldin
15:05 he won fair and square XD get it cause his pizza is square XD
Timo Alho
Timo Alho 25 kun oldin
Sweetest pie here is Frankie.
Lupus Fulgur
Lupus Fulgur 25 kun oldin
I love this lady so much, shes fun to watch
Troncat 26 kun oldin
Frank is such a dude. So fuckin' humble.
ccggenius12 26 kun oldin
She fell for one of the classic blunders: Never go in on a Sicilian when -death- pride is on the line!
Lexi Bean
Lexi Bean 26 kun oldin
Seeing Frank back on the screen after this past year of shit, all I can say is I’m even more in love with him now. He’s the realist person on earth and I hope he’s not been down on himself because I don’t think a single person watching this doesn’t still think he’s not only the best/kindest/most lovable pizza maker and host on this planet, but he’s sexy af.
mkdFlaSh 26 kun oldin
Mantas 26 kun oldin
heather 26 kun oldin
Now I’m hungry lol
kumbirai Ivyne Mateva
Cut those long nails if your going to be kneading dough.
Always Falling Short
This show is so pleasant, Nicole is such a sweet presence.
udcaps 26 kun oldin
love her
Madeline Honey
Madeline Honey 27 kun oldin
more episodes!!
El Mission
El Mission 27 kun oldin
Fuck NYC pizza, man. Kardboard on a stick, this. Motherfuckin' kardboard with cheese and shit.
Roby Fitzhenry
Roby Fitzhenry 27 kun oldin
Such good vibes through this. Genuinely love passionate people doing and sharing their thing. Bravo.
EddieRodarte702 28 kun oldin
Frank is the fucking man!!! Can’t wait till one day to go to New York to try best pizza I live in Las Vegas but one day it will happen
Paul setti
Paul setti 28 kun oldin
Nicole is awesome.
Sjon 28 kun oldin
Missed my franky on UZblock the guy is a legend.
NJizo 28 kun oldin
Frank has been eating too much pizza lately
Sydic Hutoit
Sydic Hutoit 29 kun oldin
nice show fwf
BigDiRtYWorldTour 29 kun oldin
Frank bout to be living that Type 2 life if he keeps packing it on like dis
oceanborn05 29 kun oldin
This broad is hilarious. Frank is always awesome. Good luck you two
Ariel Molina
Ariel Molina 29 kun oldin
Pizza is Love
BigBossBob 29 kun oldin
Best pizza is Di Faras pizza
Your Mum
Your Mum 29 kun oldin
3:10 what a barefaced lie that woap got it from Goodfellas.
Denise Johnson
Denise Johnson 29 kun oldin
Frank is dope
A Schoenfeld
A Schoenfeld 29 kun oldin
Frank turning into a pizza
Eden Amaya
Eden Amaya 29 kun oldin
Michael Imperioli is a silver fox 😍
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