The Perfect Detroit-Style Pizza with Cliff Skighwalker, Adam Richman, and Reina Scully | Pizza Wars 

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Detroit is home to some of America's most delicious pizza. But who can create the ultimate Motor City-inspired slice? As host Nicole Russell continues her quest to become the world's next master pizza-maker, she must face off against chef Cliff Skighwalker in a good ol' fashioned pan-pizza throwdown. Judges Adam Richman and Reina Scully have eaten all over the world, and now they're looking for that crisp, caramelized cheese and soft, pillowy dough that combines for the ultimate Detroit-style slice. Who will the judges award the golden pizza trophy this week? Tune in to an all-new episode of Pizza Wars and find out!

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19-Iyl, 2021



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First We Feast
First We Feast 12 kun oldin
Thumbs up if you think Adam should have cut the trophy in half!
ROGUEROUGE 5 kun oldin
yall need to give cliff and nicole a show.
Spellbound 10 kun oldin
@Two!Three!❼ Idk if the studio is big enough for that lol.
James Katu
James Katu 10 kun oldin
Fuq Yeah!! That woulda been Dope & legit fair but ya know. However I probably woulda gone with the Shrimp Detroit
Hawaii 5-0
Hawaii 5-0 11 kun oldin
Adam got fat af
daverizz 11 kun oldin
I feel for my man Cliff. I don't mess with sea food, but I could tell it was good, and he was hoping for that win.
Ariel Hutagalung
Ariel Hutagalung 12 daqiqa oldin
me when i nailed my report card so that my parents don't have to beat me: 4:38
David Walker
David Walker 8 soat oldin
welcome back to peesa wars
Patrick Andre
Patrick Andre Kun oldin
Adam looks like he’s gonna beat tf out of someone. 🤣😂
Aurora Passenger #00FU
So why do we even have any Judges if Nicole Russell is always going to Win. She acts nervous everytime knowing she always gets picked to Win even though in a couple of episodes, her Dish got blown out of the water in comparison... Cliff *Definitely* should of Won this one, Hands Down!
OMG - what happend to Adam Richmond!!!! He gained 100 lbs since the last time I saw him......wow
Omaer 1
Omaer 1 2 kun oldin
Very Nice!
Kevin Mitchell
Kevin Mitchell 2 kun oldin
If Nichole said "Ok we're making a deep dish, dirty baby diaper pizza with a secret green sauce and fresh mozzarella." Me: "can't wait to try it".
Corey 2 kun oldin
The idea of honey sriracha garlic shrimp pizza sounds terrible to me... like so many things I'd never want near a pizza, yet Cliff's passion for it makes me want to try it anyway!
Daniel David
Daniel David 3 kun oldin
8:46 Looks like Dragonball boss just waiting
John Orin
John Orin 3 kun oldin
That elixir imma have to try! Both those looked amazing though
Nun'svomit 3 kun oldin
danny trejo in hot ones
Chuck P
Chuck P 3 kun oldin
Adam’s pillowy, just like the crust. 🤣
Keith Newton
Keith Newton 3 kun oldin
I love this show I love Chef Nicole but the way she pronounces pizza drives me nuts
Michael Falco
Michael Falco 3 kun oldin
I love how Nicole say "peessa"......new fav: "Scan-Par-Ree-Ello"
Josh Moran
Josh Moran 4 kun oldin
my man Adam whipping out a Kershaw like it's nothing LMAO YES
Last Dragon Pizza
Last Dragon Pizza 4 kun oldin
Im so happy you guys loved this episode with Cliff Skighwalker. You have no idea how thrilled I was to have him on the show. We reunited and KILLED IT! His shrimp Detroit pie was amazing and the judges gave him so much praise. Please continue to show him love. He’s the BEST! See you next week on Pizza Wars!
JonJon 4 kun oldin
Richman, you ol son of a gun.
Ron Aiello
Ron Aiello 4 kun oldin
I thought we cancelled Adam Richman years ago?
Choco Thunder
Choco Thunder 4 kun oldin
Crippling Regret
Crippling Regret 5 kun oldin
Gustavo Matos
Gustavo Matos 5 kun oldin
My eyes twitched every time she says pisa. Don't mean any disrespect but, does she have a speech impediment or does a pizza maker don't know how to pronounce pizza? That said, I do think she's a great pizza maker and I'm enjoying the show.
ReVeL Fleur
ReVeL Fleur 5 kun oldin
Me too at first, but that’s just how she pronounces it. I love the show though
Adam Block
Adam Block 5 kun oldin
Александр Спичаков
Love Adam! Legend of TV food shows!
Minor Key
Minor Key 5 kun oldin
Bro chemistry was off the freaking charts in this one! Loved it 😊
Sean Monaghan
Sean Monaghan 5 kun oldin
Why she say pizza like that
TCRMN 5 kun oldin
These two chefs look like they could drop dead any minute sheesh
DevilsEve 5 kun oldin
What does she do with all of those trophies? lol she definitely has a nice collection going on at this point.
Karl Glenn
Karl Glenn 5 kun oldin
my boy Adam is getting big
Loui's in Hazel Park, Mi, is the original Detroit style. Shrimp, chicken and this other crap is not pizza. A Loui's is in my thumbnail.
Morten Middelthon
Morten Middelthon 5 kun oldin
At some point I need to visit Last Dragon Pizza.... ❤️
Suyash Upadhyay
Suyash Upadhyay 5 kun oldin
I'm having rice and curd for dinner 😞
Don Jaeger
Don Jaeger 5 kun oldin
Sylvia's in Allen Park. Absolutely the best. Check out the pizza steak hot sub.
Ellie 6 kun oldin
I’ve missed Reina so much. I love her dearly.
Yasmin Mitchell
Yasmin Mitchell 6 kun oldin
I see u cousin Cliff! You did amazing! 💜
reckless toboggan
reckless toboggan 6 kun oldin
Love the show. Hate the paper plates.
Stephen Mallet
Stephen Mallet 6 kun oldin
Yo ain't nobody gonna hype the fact this man's name is literally SKIGHWALKER...
atomic kitten
atomic kitten 6 kun oldin
I would just keep eating both and say I couldn't decide till passing out on the floor in perfect happiness 😂😂🤷🏻‍♀️
MacGyver 6 kun oldin
Can someone pls teach this girl how to sound out Z's please so she can actually say the word PIZZA instead of PISSA lmao
MacGyver 4 kun oldin
@π I mean how does this woman own a Pizzaria in the New York area, Have a Show dedicated to pies but can't pronouce the word?!?!?!?!?! LMAO
π 5 kun oldin
Its getting to me too
moosejaw99 6 kun oldin
How'd you find a host of a pizza show that can't say pizza?
gobistaff22 6 kun oldin
I think these guys had few to many Detroid pizzas
Sebastian Martin
Sebastian Martin 7 kun oldin
Cliff is if Ice Cube was a chef
SauceySauce81 7 kun oldin
"We need a pizza show host" "Hire the person who cant pronounce pizza" "Yes sir"
Last Dragon Pizza
Last Dragon Pizza 4 kun oldin
Draon029 7 kun oldin
I love everything Adam Richman is in
Joshua Walker
Joshua Walker 7 kun oldin
wtf is peesa.
Victoria B
Victoria B 7 kun oldin
Serenos nine /Van Dyke is the best pizza
kingjoekur 7 kun oldin
What an awesome last name
Oscar Ruelas
Oscar Ruelas 7 kun oldin
Huge mistake watching this early in the morning now I’m craving Detroit style pizza at 9 am.
Ya Boy JRock
Ya Boy JRock 7 kun oldin
"Garlic shrimp pizza" I literally gagged... HARDEST pass
UKYusei 7 kun oldin
who gets happy seeing Adam still doing food shows 😀
Ashley Barnes
Ashley Barnes 7 kun oldin
Yo I can't find Cliff's Pizza on Google Maps! Anyone got a pin so I can make a trip some time?
Teo 8 kun oldin
All of those pizzas look delicious. I wanna get the pan.
Sujal21 8 kun oldin
you need better thumbnails bro
ShaDe Toasty
ShaDe Toasty 8 kun oldin
cliffs shoes on life support
AnjumSings 8 kun oldin
I love how this show is a competition, but it's really more just about loving on each other's dishes. I just always wanna see people loving on each other's work and having a good time instead of trying to beat each other down. Nice work, and definitely thanks to Nicole's positive attitude
Tom Polsak
Tom Polsak 8 kun oldin
I can’t be the only one that isn’t feeling that she came up with half the recipes on her own we see her do. Show is great. Positive. And showcases some wicked looking food but come on…
Andrew Montague
Andrew Montague 8 kun oldin
An Adam was hench and my boy has seriously packed it back on. 😳
Isiah R
Isiah R 8 kun oldin
The way she says Pizza (Peesa) is so aggy
B E 8 kun oldin
Krishna’s Shastri
I'm from Michigan.and I'm definitely gonna go check out Cliff's restaurant
Adam Charlton
Adam Charlton 8 kun oldin
Do St. Louis Style!
elgallitonegro1 8 kun oldin
When yall gon bring in Scarr’s pizza?
Wixvhen 8 kun oldin
Nicole is the champion. She may be surprised by the guests' pizzas challenging her skills beyond what most people can dish out, but she is reliably a pizza guru.
remshas 9 kun oldin
all i hear is "pissa"
Brian 9 kun oldin
damn ill never know who won, i just can't make it past adam the poser
ya2u 9 kun oldin
Reina Scully!
wadup holms
wadup holms 9 kun oldin
First we feast has never made a bad show
Dan Sexton-Riley
Dan Sexton-Riley 9 kun oldin
This is the most wholesome thing I've seen on UZblock in a minute. Loved every second of this. I'm a Brit living on the east coast so I don't have much experience with Detroit style pizza, but damn that looks good.
Joseph Garcia
Joseph Garcia 9 kun oldin
Loved the episode but she kept pronouncing Pizza as Pissa. Lol
Angel Balderas
Angel Balderas 9 kun oldin
Damn adam lost all that weight And found pretty much all of it again 👀 Hope he stays out of health harm
Tk 780
Tk 780 9 kun oldin
0:24 she says pissa then at 0:27 she says pizza like is she just trolling at this point
im here for reina :)
Scott Dunbar
Scott Dunbar 9 kun oldin
I love this show!
Boom 36
Boom 36 9 kun oldin
My favorite regional style easy
GloThaGreatest4321 9 kun oldin
Kieran Wong
Kieran Wong 9 kun oldin
So good to see Reina!
Isabella Erin
Isabella Erin 9 kun oldin
DATME: ok.me/ehOj -p-o-r-n--s-e-x----۞ CHOOSE YOUR DREAM GIRL !💖🖤❤️#今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!#この日のライブ配信は、#かならりやばかったですね!#1万人を超える人が見ていたも ん(#笑)#やっぱり人参最高!#まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした #今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです! #この日のライブ配信は、 #かならりやばかったですね! #1万人を超える人が見ていたもん( #笑) #やっぱり人参最高! #まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした #垃圾
Stephen Sommers
Stephen Sommers 9 kun oldin
Love Reina! Glad she’s back on.
Emilia Perez
Emilia Perez 9 kun oldin
Ooooooooh!!!! My GOD yes!! Looks outstanding both pizzas 🍕 Now I'm Hungry
M RD 9 kun oldin
I'm loving this series, every chef is so respectful....but come on, they're too nice I want Law Roach to come judge and tell them their nona recipe is garbage 🤣, if the chef were gay they would be reading each other for filth too
Christopher Eing
Christopher Eing 9 kun oldin
Host of a pizza show and doesn't know how to pronounce 'pizza'.
Ryan Coomer
Ryan Coomer 9 kun oldin
Damn nichole keeps winning!!! #unstoppable
Ryan Coomer
Ryan Coomer 9 kun oldin
🍕 🍕 🍕 😆 looks like 🔑
Vic M
Vic M 9 kun oldin
These eps to me ain't a competition, These are recipes I am going to achieve to make. The vibes is very positive too, now behind the camera might be a different story since this is a competition. 😆
WTFOMFGBBQFTW 10 kun oldin
Yo Alvin
Benni Boop
Benni Boop 10 kun oldin
Love the positive energy of the show. Not a huge fan of the “competition” element, feels super over played in food/cooking world & takes away from appreciating both chefs interpretation of a classic.
Rick Salby
Rick Salby 10 kun oldin
I love it that Adam is fat again!
section_nate 10 kun oldin
Cliff is great guy , you can tell.
Rohn Jobertson
Rohn Jobertson 10 kun oldin
Is she saying Pissa and not Pizza? Also, is there any style of pizza she can't make?
Eric Spencer
Eric Spencer 10 kun oldin
Damn hommie gained all his weight back , that sucks . The struggle is real man. It's hard to when ya love food
Ian Cryar
Ian Cryar 10 kun oldin
Rocky’s Pizza (RIP) did a white shrimp & garlic that was delicious. We miss that pizza joint seriously!
Ian Cryar
Ian Cryar 10 kun oldin
I’m from the south end Ive carried a pocket knife since I was 13
Sound Tech
Sound Tech 10 kun oldin
So glad I ate before I watched this, almost made me hungry again
Adam Wolf
Adam Wolf 10 kun oldin
I love this series already, I hope you see Buffalo pizza sometime!
Travel9two5 10 kun oldin
Honestly as life long NY’er I never even heard about “Detroit style pizza” until earlier this year when Pizza Hut advertised it...I know-I know 😂...but now I’m planning to travel to Detroit Labor Day weekend for first time and one of my main priorities is to try this pizza authentically! I heard of Jets Pizza they have a location in NYC looks really good in pics..but im holding off on it so bad cause I wanna be in Detroit for my first time trying it lol 🍕
Rey Mysterio
Rey Mysterio 10 kun oldin
She's from NY, yet continues to say Peaceahh. How do you mispronounce pizza?
Andrew Wolfe
Andrew Wolfe 10 kun oldin
Simply awesome. I’ll be in Pontiac soon! Have to meet Cliff.
Sean Rowe
Sean Rowe 10 kun oldin
It's Pizza... not peesa.
Jared Whitaker
Jared Whitaker 10 kun oldin
I am absolutely stealing honey sriracha from cliff. That looks amazing!!
Wendy Bowman
Wendy Bowman 10 kun oldin
If it’s done right, shrimp is good on pizza I admit it. Back in the 80s when I had a paper route and we went for shrimp pizza afterwards, that was the nastiest. It was also just the canned bay shrimp, which just should not exist.
If Polo G was in your class
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Dumb Ways To Die In Among Us *Song*
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If Polo G was in your class
Ko‘rishlar soni 260 ming
Dumb Ways To Die In Among Us *Song*
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I've never seen my best friend this angry..
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