Sean Evans Reveals the Season 15 Hot Sauce Lineup-Plus, a BIG Announcement! | Hot Ones 

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First We Feast
First We Feast 25 kun oldin
Who's excited for Hot Ones BACK IN STUDIO with guests? Hit us with your Season 15 wish list...
sa alexanderson
sa alexanderson 21 kun oldin
Niall Horan and James Cordon
Sauce Johnson
Sauce Johnson 22 kun oldin
Sammy The Bull?
Maire Sanchez Torres
TYLER, THE CREATOR PLS!!!🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡
Linosaurus Gaming
Linosaurus Gaming 22 kun oldin
Mike Tyson
Light & shadow
Light & shadow 22 kun oldin
@Steve Shannon 😅 Great list.
Abdullah M
Abdullah M 4 soat oldin
Bruh this show got too old and repetitive
Adem Abdulhayoglu
Adem Abdulhayoglu 10 soat oldin
Alejandro Fonseca
Alejandro Fonseca 13 soat oldin
Some people that 100% need to be on this show are: Derrick "the beast" Lewis, Ryan Reynolds, and Henry Cavill
Gus Chambers
Gus Chambers Kun oldin
U have to have Nick Wiger and Mike Mitchell on!!!
Carlos-Andres Pazmino
Where’s Keanu???
Scorchgarden Ultra Hot Hot Sauces
Looking forward to this.
Goog Elle
Goog Elle 3 kun oldin
Odd request: Can you guys get Conan and Jordan Schlansky? 🙏🙏🙏
Rose Lee
Rose Lee 3 kun oldin
Can we get mr. j.cole!!!!?
Gabriel Goodrich
Gabriel Goodrich 3 kun oldin
I’m pretty positive that Hot Ones is single handedly keeping Da Bomb in production.
old books
old books 3 kun oldin
Have you ever reached out to UZblock's Dr. ChubbyEmu to be a guest? The practicality of Sean and the pragmatics of Dr. ChubbyEmu would be more than a Show... it would be an Event.
Jack Aaron
Jack Aaron 3 kun oldin
Please bring John Cena 8n studio
Liliana P.
Liliana P. 4 kun oldin
Jimmy O. Yang, Kat Dennings, Kelly Osbourne, definitely Megan Fox, Rihanna, OMG so many!!!
svartmetall 4 kun oldin
"I felt a great disturbance in the Force...as though a million rectums cried out in fear and pain, and then fell silent...."
Tread Lightly
Tread Lightly 4 kun oldin
Can you get John Frusciante or Flea on?
Edwin Rogel
Edwin Rogel 4 kun oldin
Kid laroi
Thy_Revolution 4 kun oldin
Dwayne Johnson, The Rock vs The Last Dab
Critter 4 kun oldin
Awsome show. any chance you can bring out a gift pack for sale of all the sauses.
Reva Sabat
Reva Sabat 4 kun oldin
have taika waititi on
Zac Murphy
Zac Murphy 4 kun oldin
Slightly disappointed he didn't go with the newest version of da bomb, evolution. Meant to be way more intense 😂
David Chang
David Chang 4 kun oldin
ZaxleTV 5 kun oldin
My only complaint about this line up... Where in Ontario is ginger goat from?. Like, we also have cities here. Its like saying youre in California, USA. Its a stupid complaint, i know.
Christina Hewett
Christina Hewett 5 kun oldin
If you ever replace Da Bomb.....
λlessαndro 5 kun oldin
Invite keemstar and it will blow up for sure
LaDeeDon 5 kun oldin
Please get Trixie Mattel on an episode!!
Marc André Chouinard
Wim Hof would be a great guest imo
TALON 6 kun oldin
LOL. This guy knows how to talk that talk. When you can talk up hot sauce and make it interesting, bottle by bottle, you got an innate gift.
Ryan Wallace
Ryan Wallace 6 kun oldin
Would love to see bo burnham on the show if he truly is returning to the world
jdog 6 kun oldin
We need Norman reedus on this
Andy 6 kun oldin
Joe Rogan. Make it happen.
Nokenify 7 kun oldin
Go with Skånsk Chili for the next year.
MrBaritone 7 kun oldin
So uh, maybe BTS will make an appearance too? :D
Abraham Garcia
Abraham Garcia 7 kun oldin
I feel like DiCaprio would be impressed with your question. Someone who asks some amazing questions vs someone who answers questions so we’ll delivered will make a great show.
Matt Rainwater
Matt Rainwater 7 kun oldin
Request: Tom Segura , Tommy Bunns and Mr. Ladybug please 😉 and more Negan!!!
galen stone
galen stone 8 kun oldin
da bomb is just shitty tasting sauce that ruins your palate for the ones that follow.
doug beindorf
doug beindorf 8 kun oldin
try the sphincter shrinker
Gathan Mustafa
Gathan Mustafa 8 kun oldin
Succes forever thanks......
Vishal Gopal
Vishal Gopal 9 kun oldin
Get Eminem on this show
Pawel Wieszadlo
Pawel Wieszadlo 9 kun oldin
Can you PLEASE PLEASE get the guys from Impratical Jokers to do a segment with you, including Hot Wings uncomfortable questions? Please please please!!!!!
Tom Ryder
Tom Ryder 9 kun oldin
I want to see Sean Evans vs. the Try Channel.
Sergio Trevilla
Sergio Trevilla 9 kun oldin
Keanu Reeves, Eminem, Barack Obama, Eugenio Derbez, Jackie Chan, Tech N9ne, Andrew Shultz, Joe Rogan, Ewan McGregor, Canelo Álvarez, Nicolás Cage, B-Real, any of them would be awesome 😎
Sarah Mizrahi
Sarah Mizrahi 9 kun oldin
Sarah Mizrahi
Sarah Mizrahi 9 kun oldin
Sarah Mizrahi
Sarah Mizrahi 9 kun oldin
Sarah Mizrahi
Sarah Mizrahi 9 kun oldin
Sarah Mizrahi
Sarah Mizrahi 9 kun oldin
Sarah Mizrahi
Sarah Mizrahi 9 kun oldin
Sarah Mizrahi
Sarah Mizrahi 9 kun oldin
Sarah Mizrahi
Sarah Mizrahi 9 kun oldin
Christian 9 kun oldin
Don’t ever get rid of Da Bomb!!!
LUKE MURPHY 10 kun oldin
The Weeknd!
J 10 kun oldin
His hand gestures are so out of control now. It’s the most annoying thing to watch this dude talk with his hands every second
The Mad Eagle
The Mad Eagle 10 kun oldin
'Carefull around the ice' was an underappreciated joke 😂
Jetmorrison 10 kun oldin
more important question: what ISNT art?
Jodee P.
Jodee P. 11 kun oldin
i have seen a shot of Tequila with tabasco but never with actual jalapeno..
liam court
liam court 11 kun oldin
Please get BTS on your show. Their leader RM speaks English and they have a translator with them so you can have them on the show without worrying about the language barrier. Plzz plzz try getting them on the show.
Ghadente 11 kun oldin
How are you going to spend all that time making a drink step by step and not even try it!?!
Ari Prabowo
Ari Prabowo 11 kun oldin
Man, Da Bomb is like Tom Brady of hot sauces at this point!
anxvie 11 kun oldin
Tyler the Creator needs to be on here!!
iLLeag7e 11 kun oldin
That is a good looking line up. Reminds me of 1980's west coast surfer t-shirts. Rude dog?
Brodzzzzz 11 kun oldin
Cw Bogott
Cw Bogott 11 kun oldin
Do spice king
fistmeetsurface 11 kun oldin
How many SCU is the last dab?
Stick0413 11 kun oldin
Glad to see Da Bomb back, that bastard gives me nightmares for damn near 20 years now. As far as I can tell it has been there for the longest now. There is one reason why, that bastard kicks your ass. I have had hotter sauces, but for some reason it still sticks with me, even if I tried it today, it just lasts longer. One tip to those that have tried it, Tums, Tums are your friend, the only thing that could tame the hell that I felt in my mouth.
Zain K
Zain K 11 kun oldin
Think we all want Keanu reeves
Trap G
Trap G 11 kun oldin
we need eminem!!
Taylor Sprackman
Taylor Sprackman 11 kun oldin
also lewis capaldi, and yungblud would be cool!
Relyks 12 kun oldin
Oh please get tech9 on the show!!!
Eric Broke It
Eric Broke It 12 kun oldin
You guys need to get some Truff up in there.
Noor Ahmed
Noor Ahmed 12 kun oldin
Love the train movement thing Sean does with his hands xD
Jack Cats
Jack Cats 12 kun oldin
Get Adam Sandler or Chris Rock
AJ 12 kun oldin
This shows lost its luster.
suebob16 12 kun oldin
Sean Evans received a Daytime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Talk Show Host for Hot Ones! How often does a UZblock host receive that honor? It will be tough though because his fellow nominees are: Drew Barrymore Hoda Kotb & Jenna Bush Hager (Today Show) Kelly Clarkson Kelly Ripa & Ryan Seacrest Congratulations and good luck Sean! Whatever happens, it's great seeing your name on the list!
Ayub Ali
Ayub Ali 9 kun oldin
LMFAO imagine the scenes when fucking Hot Ones gets an Emmy
Taylor Sprackman
Taylor Sprackman 12 kun oldin
Pete Davidson again!! Seems like such a charismatic guy and I'd love to hear about all the projects coming up.
D L.
D L. 12 kun oldin
Loving that they continue to shine light on Canadian brands. ❤️🇨🇦
Dylan Hughlett
Dylan Hughlett 12 kun oldin
Let’s hope we get prober episodes and not zoom ones
Dude 13 kun oldin
Can you invite Uncle Roger UZblockr lol he's funny and very entertaining
Jordan Benghiat
Jordan Benghiat 13 kun oldin
you need to get Lil Dicky on the show. He would be funny!
Link Pellow
Link Pellow 13 kun oldin
a lot of these new ones look kinda gross lol
King Klash
King Klash 13 kun oldin
Pliz get Tom Hardy and Conan O Brian 😂😂
The Voices Told Me To Again
Danny Ruth
Danny Ruth 13 kun oldin
Get Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki on the show!
Sunny 13 kun oldin
Lou Brock, LOL Love it!
Leo Rolando
Leo Rolando 13 kun oldin
The Doughboys should be guests on this someday.
Josef Angeria
Josef Angeria 14 kun oldin
ohooy! This reminded me, some years ago i ordered a caipirinha, by chance there was a tabasco bottle beside me and i dabbed it 7-8 times and it was so delicious! Try it out 😁
ansyzzz 14 kun oldin
only sean evans would get me excited to watch an announcement about hot sauces tbh
William Curtis
William Curtis 14 kun oldin
We need reviewbrah on hot ones
EternalGullet 14 kun oldin
If COVID ever landed on his throat, it would die immediately.
zoë Zilluh
zoë Zilluh 14 kun oldin
Number 5 is goin to fucc people up out chea lol
Matt Nichols
Matt Nichols 14 kun oldin
DustinTamez1012 14 kun oldin
no one cares about the sauces let’s see Betty white on the show!
Jose Martinez
Jose Martinez 14 kun oldin
Get the spice king on the show
YoungTTS 14 kun oldin
Put NBA Youngboy on hot ones
Martyna Ruszała
Martyna Ruszała 14 kun oldin
I need to see Sebastian Stan here 🙏🏻🙏🏻
ֆʊֆɦɨɨ 15 kun oldin
PLEASE Get SpiceKingCam on the show!!! He's the only guy who can easily beat this!
Chris Sherer
Chris Sherer 15 kun oldin
I have a theory that "Camera Guy" Bill is Larry "Bud" Melman's lovechild.
Alec Larkins
Alec Larkins 15 kun oldin
Wooooh that is a spicy line up! 🥵🔥
Shubham More
Shubham More 15 kun oldin
Bring Daniel Ricciardo PLEASE
The Hoop
The Hoop 15 kun oldin
Seriously Sean!??!? Just go ahead and make da bomb the 10th sauce. It ALWAYS has the best worst reaction
Juan S
Juan S 15 kun oldin
We need Chris Destefano to take on the wings of death
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