Russell Brand Serenades Superfan Brett Baker While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones 

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Russell Brand is back! O.G. Hot Ones fans remember Russell Brand's classic run-in with the wings of death back in 2017, as well as his operatic ode to Brett Baker-the Hot Ones superfan known for his Hot Ones Power Rankings. These days, Brand is as busy as ever: His latest project is the Audible Original, Revelation: Connecting With the Sacred, which is currently available for download. And not to be outdone, his UZblock channel now has more than 3 million subscribers. But can he triumph in the War on Spice once more? Find out as the silver-tongued comedian sets the world to rights and welcomes a very special guest. Spice lords, you do NOT want to miss this







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8-Apr, 2021



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First We Feast
First We Feast 2 oy oldin
In honor of our favorite "list-maker" Brett Baker, what are your Hot Ones Power Rankings? Top 10 episodes of all time...GO!
nancy messner
nancy messner 7 soat oldin
Sean & Klaus are always iconic!
James Young
James Young 12 kun oldin
@TheGamingBro123 Brand for President!
phishfanwill 16 kun oldin
Dunno about a ranking per se, but the best ones: Bobby Lee of course, Eddie Huang (first appearance), Russell Brand (1st appearance), Pete Davidson, Idris Elba, Shaq, and I haven't even watched it yet, but Steve-O 2nd appearance is gonna be great from what I've heard.
Jeffrey Topnick
Jeffrey Topnick 20 kun oldin
Russell's audio is a bit distracting
Economy Vibes
Economy Vibes Oy oldin
Please bring back Paul Rudd
nancy messner
nancy messner 7 soat oldin
that’s was just amazing!!!
D Willinghammer
D Willinghammer Kun oldin
How high was the host? 😂
Martijn Claassen
Russel Brand i admire
Etha than
Etha than 4 kun oldin
Sean Evans has the fkn coolest job wtf 🤣
Shaggyone789 4 kun oldin
Russell is crazy… but in a cool and brilliant way
COMA 46&2
COMA 46&2 5 kun oldin
Love to see Russ grow up.
Ash Collins
Ash Collins 6 kun oldin
Awesome episode! Thank you Sean and production crew.. and love Russell Brand way back when, and now! Thanks you all!! 🙏🏻
Marius 6 kun oldin
Is Russell eating veggie wings or sumething?
HMat 7 kun oldin
23:38 Hahaha!
PorChizzle 8 kun oldin
Aldous Snooooow
Alejandro Carrizosa
“This is like shooting yourself in a bullet hole.” 💀
Alejandro Carrizosa
Bee story was so dramatic, I thought he was summarizing a movie.
Gerald Gallant
Gerald Gallant 9 kun oldin
Do your show in person you covid coward
Ahuman 10 kun oldin
Russel Brand and Jeff Goldblum were the best hot ones ever. (Russel Brand hot ones 1)
Mandeep Bassan
Mandeep Bassan 10 kun oldin
Russell brand is such a top dude. Great watch!
MadSpacePig 10 kun oldin
Does Sean not know that Scotland is in the UK?
_____ 17 kun oldin
This guy is fucking insane. He’s so funny!
shizbang 17 kun oldin
Aldous Snow cosplay
Johannes Rueter
Johannes Rueter 18 kun oldin
Did Sean actually say something during the episode?
Aviendha 18 kun oldin
I love Russell. He's just so charming. Sean missed out on getting to meet him IRL.
Luca .Bavaro
Luca .Bavaro 18 kun oldin
I LOVE Russell!
Jeffrey Topnick
Jeffrey Topnick 20 kun oldin
Russell's audio was a bit distracting
Joao Faria
Joao Faria 20 kun oldin
We need Brian Warner! (Aka Marylin Manson)
irish chancer
irish chancer 22 kun oldin
How's this guy still getting work (shrugs shoulders)
Black Wings and Dangerous Things
Swagger on 100 💙💙💙
LinkVsGanon 24 kun oldin
I want to try all these sauces, but I'm not paying the ridicules it costs to buy pepper x sauce ect. I love and can handle hot sauces i have had all the psycho juice sauces from Dr Burnorium even the Psycho killer extract
colossalfart 24 kun oldin
Achilles must've been wearing Crocs too.
Ka Nook
Ka Nook 24 kun oldin
Nice flannel!
Bairhug 25 kun oldin
Accidentally consumed carolina reaper last night, why does 18000 scovilles strike such deep fear in my soul
DollaSign.J 26 kun oldin
We need a Druski2funny hot ones ASAP.
Luke Huston
Luke Huston 26 kun oldin
Russell is very entertaining, but I'll bet he's exhausting to hang out with.
S P I C E B O I 26 kun oldin
russell spitting some facts
JermtheGiant 27 kun oldin
Unbelievably Awesome!
Fatty Cakes Bakery
Fatty Cakes Bakery 27 kun oldin
He's such a beautiful soul!
montacap 27 kun oldin
Does that mean Robin Williams was not a comedian ? He took real life very serious. He had bad depression that killed him in the long run .
dpiercy's comics
dpiercy's comics 29 kun oldin
This was awful.
Carlos Lozada
Carlos Lozada Oy oldin
Nobody cares about brand anymore
Zach Kelley
Zach Kelley Oy oldin
At first as i saw the vid i did not know who he was but as soon as i heard his voice Ik instantly
Faye Childress
The ending is so sweet! Love it!
Gordon Recksiedler
Can anyone help me find a certain Sean Evans video?? I’m going absolutely crazy trying find a certain clip online. My memory remembers watching a QnA video with Sean and someone asked him if anyone has cheated the Gauntlet. He answered something along the lines of “yes, but that is all I’m going to say about it”. My memory remembers it being a regular QnA episode at-least a year ago. I know for a fact it was after Gordon Ramsay, but I feel it is more recent than that. I assumed it would’ve been the april 2020 one. Now, I went back and watched all the QnA episodes (along with xmas and covid update type videos) and I CANNOT FIND THIS QUESTION BEING ASKED! I’m starting to think my memory is remembering things incorrectly and I need your help! There’s a chance it could be a separate podcast Sean was interviewed in, regular episode or maybe even a written article. I am losing sleep at night.
Þyrla C
Þyrla C Oy oldin
Russell: And sometimes for oral surgery :D So funny.
Todd Weinberg
Todd Weinberg Oy oldin
A true hero.
Marquell Johnson
This is so wholesome lmao
rabooey Oy oldin
Hey man you should have a season where you invite contestants back for another round but with double uber spicey wings and double the prizes.
Imaad M
Imaad M Oy oldin
Who talks like this ?? I love this man
Daniel Sun
Daniel Sun Oy oldin
Journalist arnt supposed to create a narrative. We're definitely not monkeys. dude should add native american spiritual perspective in his view on life
Jaguar Lopez
Jaguar Lopez Oy oldin
"oral jihad" lol
Jaguar Lopez
Jaguar Lopez Oy oldin
I've never seen someone handle that level of spice with such a high level of dignity!
dorothy vm
dorothy vm Oy oldin
Yeah that was genuinely one of the best things I've seen on youtube in a long time! What an absolute pleasure it is to watch :)
Reign Greyson
Reign Greyson Oy oldin
Shawn is the secret spice!!! Also everyone behind the scenes are on point!!! Well fn done crew!!!!!
goodmorninggil w
A man hunched in shame, LOL. Mr. Brandie you are one of the Few celebrities but I sure wish I could hang out with. You kind of remind me of my old buddy from back in the day
goodmorninggil w
Oh my goodness, I am at 12:45, and the bit about naked on the beach in a column of human beings with neutrinos flowing through you… I understand it through my own experiences which are very different, but yeah. There are moments that make one consider… Not believe in, but briefly consider the potential‘s of sophism
goodmorninggil w
OK Russell, the thing is that you are pretty darn good at being down to earth, and articulating your admittedly lovely thoughts, without hesitating to be wordy. By wordy I do not mean volume, but quality
goodmorninggil w
Fucking Russell Brand! You are beautiful brother… Keep on keeping on you awesome person👍
rao siddharth
rao siddharth Oy oldin
British spice is salt
Raam Rajaram
Raam Rajaram Oy oldin
M not worried about allergies if i can't control my colon. Saw the old russtle here :P. I don't like the new russtle :D. He'll be back to normal from all this religious stuff soon. That is my belief.
Jamie Martin
Jamie Martin Oy oldin
Russell Brand is so damn articulate
quin bagwell
quin bagwell Oy oldin
"Like shooting yourself in the bullet hole" ! Gotta love Brand.
Anon Legion
Anon Legion Oy oldin
I thought Russell Brand went vegan?
Lou Oy oldin
What do bees call wasps? .... Wanna-bees.
Itamar Bledsoe
Russell's play with language is so fun, funny, impressive, and beautiful. Every sentence packed with meaning, humor, and love. He improvises in real time what I'd take hours to write.
lionel moodley
So cool
Slow DK
Slow DK Oy oldin
2nd watch👍🤙💯
Normal Trevor
Normal Trevor Oy oldin
He lived with Nichols cage for 6 months. Legendary.
Check Mate
Check Mate Oy oldin
I Soooo Needed That...TY😢 Mucho❤U2.🤗
emonroy monroy
is he going for the jedi looks?
Hollyfrost Pointers
Russell Brand is totally my favorite
TheNails3 Oy oldin
The editing is amazing, especially when they make him "invisible"! And whoever does the sound 👏 respect!
S Tomiello
S Tomiello Oy oldin
Russel come to Australia stand in a pub hear eating ya veg and quoting ya books you will see how funny you r you will feel it lol bugger of that head
Darragh O'Neill
I love Russell Brand more every time I see and hear him. :)
Andreia Serrano
Can we get "los calientes" to this store in england? Having the og sauces fail to deliver was a blessing in disguise for all your brit fans! Now I know where to get some more spiciness!!!
Chris Winn
Chris Winn Oy oldin
Isn't he vegan? Are they plant based wings?
Joel4thewin Oy oldin
arhturlegend Oy oldin
Ben Fox
Ben Fox Oy oldin
Russel brand is your favourite uncle that you don’t see but often sit their and think “huh wonder how uncle is doing I miss him “
Cactus_Kehoe Oy oldin
😂😂😂 they just up and left, started their own lives. They don’t call. Nothing. 😂. Omg. I laughed so much today. 🤣 bloody brilliant!!!
BWecology _scotland
Scotland is in the UK, at least for now
Pammie Walker
Pammie Walker Oy oldin
Love you real you Russel
Deborah Murphy
Love Russell Brand! Hilarious!! 🤣 How one human being can possess awe-inspiring brilliance and love, coupled with such a wicked sense of humour is sheer proof of our Creator God. 😊 🕊️❤️
Darren Oy oldin
Russell Brand's a crazy kook, there's nothin genuinely spiritual about him. Russell isn't truly awakened nor is he helpin awaken anyone. Like so many today Russ is fast asleep dreamin lucid dreams: for all the sharp wit he's an unwitting (?) luciferian operating in the specious light of the deceptive kundalini (serpent) spirit. Russ' eloquence and celebrity enables a more affective and far-reaching deception. Folks, don't be fooled by glamour, whether spiritual guru's or narcissistic comedians/film stars/wannabe spiritual saviours. Genuine spirituality is not a free for all *do what thou wilt* scenario, it's a serious business of humility and repentance. I used to be into what Russ is into, I was enlightened then 6 years ago I got properly enlightened/converted by the Holy Spirit. Russell Brand is full of himself and it blinds him to the truth: *Jesus Christ* is the truth. As a new ager I didn't wanna believe but In the *Light of Spirit* turns out Jesus really is the *Way, the truth and the Life* just like He said: no one comes to God except through Jesus.
Andrea Lauro
Andrea Lauro Oy oldin
This brett backer’s saga better be available on Spotify too!
Scape Goat
Scape Goat Oy oldin
Russell is hilarious!
-TomA- Oy oldin
has jordan patarsan been invited to hotones?
Aspen LUVR
Aspen LUVR Oy oldin
Hilarious show! “I’m trying to find a part of my mouth that’s not damaged....”
I P Oy oldin
When do we soo Ali Plump on Hot Ones?
Kit Oy oldin
Russ, ya need to drink milk mate! Water don't do the job! Also I thought you were vegan? Not sure if you went 100%. Are those soy wings?
Mathias Jensen
I love Russel with all my heart
Darren Oy oldin
It'd be eternally better for yor immortal soul to love Jesus. For all the sharp wit Russell is an unwitting luciferian full of the deceptive kundalini (serpent) spirit. I'm an ex neo-vedantic new ager converted by the holy Spirit. Russ is quite simply full of himself and it blinds him to the truth: Jesus is the truth, and the Way and the Life: no one comes to God except through Jesus.
Dominos Times
Dominos Times Oy oldin
You would never see me in this kind of occurring my body would be empty of all its fluids before I can articulate anything
Theo Blackledge
"shouting down a tunnel made of years"
Elias Håkansson
"You can always rely on the British when there's a little bit of spice required" omg hahahaha
Adri MC
Adri MC Oy oldin
I believe that once you begin to enjoy hot sauces, there's no need to do any of those challenges, cause they are so stupidly painful and not enjoyable. Eating different tipes of hot sauces and pour it over different kinds of foods HAS to be enjoyable. By the way, I don't see any Mexican brand there.
Elliott Robinson
Great content... but whats with the cucky feel-good background music??
Angel V
Angel V Oy oldin
Russell made me laugh to tears…. Still funny as hell.
pyiaboar Oy oldin
Russell is such a unique and beautiful human being.
grovermatic Oy oldin
Man... a few years ago my cousin wrote a book about the Devil that was in talks to be turned into a movie starring Russel Brand. Then Hollywood cancelled Brand. :-/ Dangit... I want a filthy rich cousin to hang out with so he buys all the drinks and I can order more than Busch Light! 😡
call6060842 Oy oldin
when Russ says vedics as Pre-indian literature does he mean BHarat as that is what it is as known in the sub continent or is it deeper is he saying something about the indigenous?
Aidan Oy oldin
Remember arthur
ZGJ Finance
ZGJ Finance Oy oldin
Russell brand improvises most the stories to his kids. I fuckin wish lol
ZGJ Finance
ZGJ Finance Oy oldin
Russell def smashed Cage
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