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Paris Hilton is an entrepreneur, DJ, philanthropist, and business mogul. Her much-buzzed about documentary, This Is Paris, currently has more than 20 million views on her UZblock channel. And, she recently launched a podcast by the same name-check out This Is Paris wherever you get your podcasts. But how is she with spicy food? Find out as the OG influencer ventures beyond Taco Bell mild sauce into the realm of brutal hot sauces like Da Bomb and The Last Dab. As she takes on the wings of death, Paris discusses bottle-service scams, paparazzi evasion tactics, her relationship with the media, and the art of "sliving" (slaying + living). That's hot!


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11-Mar, 2021



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First We Feast
First We Feast 3 oy oldin
Did Paris do better or worse than you expected against the wings of death? Sound off, spice lords...
Yo Momma
Yo Momma Kun oldin
@bladoody scabloody why are u crying like that? and you really think like they will lose sum bc u don't going to buy any hot sauce no more? so petty.... :D
bristyn scott
bristyn scott 4 kun oldin
@Mar Maya well she was pretending to actually put hot sauce on
Jason Harris
Jason Harris 16 kun oldin
She did great. I know I personally would be struggling way more than she appeared to be struggling.
I am Shinzon
I am Shinzon 18 kun oldin
I've watched a lot of the Hot Ones videos, there is no damn way in hell she did it!! Countless people lose their mind when they get to Da Bomb, but Paris Hilton, her reaction shows me that she didn't step up. She just played the game, if she had better acting skills I might have bought it.
boirocr -Tamiko
boirocr -Tamiko 18 kun oldin
She didn't do SHIT , Im disappointed in this one frfr
I Raca
I Raca 17 soat oldin
I love the show... but the titles. Oh man.
Lisa Andrews
Lisa Andrews 22 soat oldin
Is Paris wearing Aussie designer brand, Camilla Franks? Hope Camilla’s health is improving. X
Isaac Coard
Isaac Coard Kun oldin
She legitimately got more attractive and likable the older she’s gotten
Emma Jayne Goins
I lost it when she started listing the name of her dogs, so on brand hahahahaha "diamond baby" is class
Ylianna Villarreal
You should invite one of the kardashians here 😁
Martijn Claassen
Perfect or cute?? Who is perfect or always cute Shows your once in a lifetime normal WTF haha she powdering her self hahaha
Cameron Plays RBLX and more! 2
Paris... Loved you on south park!
KrazyC MCC
KrazyC MCC 2 kun oldin
That's what im Talking bout #ParisHilton 👍🔥💯🤘💪 💅
Iceman0113 2 kun oldin
All these celebrities are saying fuck you to the common folk but these folk eat out of their hands. It’s unbelievable to me. I have no hope for the human race. Dumber than a box of egg shells.
NGCAstronerd 3 kun oldin
Never thought much of her back in her reality tv sex tape days. But she turned herself around unlike many up and comers in her time who just bombed out of existence. Got to respect someone who learns from their mistakes and actually makes a change.
Unknown Rythm
Unknown Rythm 3 kun oldin
Paris Hilton is So DAM Gorgeous 🤤
Joshua Frick
Joshua Frick 3 kun oldin
Those have to be the smallest bites anyone on Hot Ones has ever taken
Tyler Wilcox
Tyler Wilcox 3 kun oldin
Paris Hilton was the Kim Kardashian before Kim Kardashian, adult movie and all.
S Wyns
S Wyns 3 kun oldin
They would be a good couple
Jeseabell 4 kun oldin
She comes off as sooo stupid in that lasagna video.
andy M
andy M 4 kun oldin
9.15 wise words paris
Ranman7269 4 kun oldin
I can’t believe nobody else noticed that she’s not even eating any of those wings. She’s literally touching it with her teeth and that’s it. And they probably don’t even have the sauce on it.
Ranman7269 4 kun oldin
Totally fake and staged.
noodlessurprise 4 kun oldin
Fair play to Paris. This man just has a way with people - he truly is superb at his job. I hope the format doesn’t change because I think this works really well, to take it into a huge studio with an audience would just ruin the whole concept.
Kween Ke84
Kween Ke84 4 kun oldin
Paris is a G!!!!
Fabian Quezada
Fabian Quezada 4 kun oldin
The way she smiled when thinking about each dog at the end was so wholesome
Juju B
Juju B 4 kun oldin
Paris left off her dog Tokyo Blue 🥲 and mispronounced Tinkerbell
jose morgan
jose morgan 4 kun oldin
she lookin kinda old
evie Kun oldin
she's 40
Steven Ladnyk
Steven Ladnyk 4 kun oldin
It’s awesome that Sean has built his reputation in such a positive way that people want to come on the show. Just shows how good of a guy he is and that he is great at his job.
Thalissa Carvalho
Thalissa Carvalho 5 kun oldin
i mean yeah hot ones is an overall great format for doing fun interviews but honestly without Sean this show wouldnt be half as good. Such a good host, its always great to watch how he conducts things, makes me wish there was an episode where he was the one being interviewed with extra spicy sauces lol
Steven Ladnyk
Steven Ladnyk 4 kun oldin
Facts. I feel like whatever the format is, it would be a well done show because Sean is just so good at his job.
Lester Glenn
Lester Glenn 5 kun oldin
Damn I'm old the maturity in her voice. Is refreshing.
Mellissa Estelle
Mellissa Estelle 5 kun oldin
I love Paris! She is so amazing, love her positive vibes. 💗💗💗
Al Cap
Al Cap 5 kun oldin
What the fuck happend to all her dogs????? She almost change 1 every 3 4 years
OzzyInSpace 5 kun oldin
What a champ!
TruBlue Handyman
TruBlue Handyman 6 kun oldin
how drunk is the host 😅
Justin Sublett
Justin Sublett 6 kun oldin
I think everyone has gained a better appreciation for Paris and what she went through. And I love when she flips out of her “Cali from the Valley” voice and sounds like her actual self.
Spicyboi Fred
Spicyboi Fred 6 kun oldin
she's so professional and composed im obsessed
Spicyboi Fred
Spicyboi Fred 6 kun oldin
i love her
Lizeth Fernández
Lizeth Fernández 7 kun oldin
If celebrities were asked even half the interesting questions they are asked on here, there wouldn't be so much hate towards so many celebrities lol
Fred White
Fred White 8 kun oldin
She’s right it’s crazy somebody would approach her about a sex doll. It’s not like she is the type of person made her own sex tapes and then “accidentally” released them to further boost her...oh wait.
jjbutts9 8 kun oldin
Oh god
Sharon swiley Whitehead
My sister in christ and how are you doing and you look good there and dont let other people trying to destroy you ok and you git the money and they dont have what you have at all and you been taking care of by your parents ok and that is a big blessing ok.we all Love and have a peace in your home and your life ok and i am glad you are ok and smiling too ok Our god gave you the second chance ok and you made it my dear sister christ ok our god love you so muvh and god know everything about your life that you was going through stuff ok peace and love to you and your family members.
Donny Hoot
Donny Hoot 9 kun oldin
She's such a faker! She never even took any from the last 3 or 4! You are sexy but deceptive Paris H!
shannon corcoran
shannon corcoran 9 kun oldin
Love the show and Paris though, she really seems nice 👌 and I always want hot sauce after watching ! Such good interview questions .
shannon corcoran
shannon corcoran 9 kun oldin
Love how Paris is like "people who have a sex doll that looks like me (aka seen as the most beautiful person on internet ) how weird . When some people think fence Is segcy( look it up on tlc ; a woman has relationship with fence )
Jojo Elio
Jojo Elio 9 kun oldin
This guy is very respectful. I'm glad that he is like that because we can actually see the kindness of the people he interviewed. Paris for me a diva which is understandable because of all the crazy stuff happened in the past but here you can see that she's really a sweetheart.
Vickiee Walker
Vickiee Walker 10 kun oldin
I wanted to know about her camio in Supernatural! 😂😂 Was it a favor because Jarrod was in House of Wax with her or something else? Questions about Simple Life.. Ugh, I have so many questions! ❤😂
Karla Jennifer Campbell
The host never reacts as bad as the guests.
Kim Xuan Van
Kim Xuan Van 10 kun oldin
The miscreant sign bizarrely wobble because storm gratifyingly bore versus a tender tense destruction. abnormal, permissible archeology
Alejandro Carrizosa
Alejandro Carrizosa 11 kun oldin
After Sean’s intro, she made it sound like she agreed to a blind date by her friends.
Pete rice
Pete rice 11 kun oldin
Dammit she still living off of Daddy's Money poor guy I feel bad for her father bless his ❤
Cbus33 12 kun oldin
Boring! She's still a ding bat with money!
Trance Man
Trance Man 12 kun oldin
She ain't no dj that's for damm sure. All premixed sets now. I've heard her live before it was premixed... She sucks.
jeremeeDROPS 12 kun oldin
dr. evil vs paris hilton
Digital Design and Innovation
Wow, I've never really followed her- but for someone that people consider "famous for being famous" she had a lot of great of insight. A lot of times people lose their shit 1/3 the way through and she really had a lot of good advice and stories. You really can not assume anything about people. What a class act!
Steven Ladnyk
Steven Ladnyk 4 kun oldin
She’s smarter than she lets on and is an elite business woman. She doesn’t get the credit she deserves because the stigma around her.
Alex Conley
Alex Conley 13 kun oldin
Weak bites Paris!
Angry Sad Grandma
Angry Sad Grandma 13 kun oldin
GOD knew Nikki was the one to be Paris Hiltons Great Defender. Superb Ladies of The House of Hilton.
ashley gibson
ashley gibson 14 kun oldin
She actually did so good tho ahahaha
feralcatofthenorth 14 kun oldin
I just discovered the Reviewbrah, can you get him on your show???
feralcatofthenorth 14 kun oldin
Raine leonard
Raine leonard 14 kun oldin
I'm both impressed and also sad, because I know she (visually) handled this so well because she has been trained to be "Photogenic and perfect" her entire life. She deserves so much credit for the pain she can endured without showing it.. Not only for this video,but in her entire life. She is so strong its not even funny. To think she had never eaten anything hotter than taco bell hot sauce before this..
free america
free america 14 kun oldin
I have never fast forwarded over the responses to questions on this show but this one i did. Just reaction vid for me 🤣
leftpawedpolarbear 16 kun oldin
I'm officially obsessed with the concept of Paris Hilton beans. It's gonna keep me up at night. I'm dying to know what kind of person would think to pitch that to her.
Jayy Lestrange
Jayy Lestrange 16 kun oldin
I really want to see sarah paulson or lady gaga honestly a whole list of people
damian 16 kun oldin
“maybe i had to go through it in order for other to not go through it” -Paris this hits me somewhere 😶
Drew Wachter
Drew Wachter 17 kun oldin
What a performance, barely took a nibble of the whole second half, it honestly looked like she was fake eating the wings for the whole second half, interview was good though
k9keo 17 kun oldin
Didn’t know she Dj’d 😎
George 18 kun oldin
Paris just patented a new word, slimming 😆
George 18 kun oldin
The guy stealing her trash will be there again lookin for those hot wings!
George 18 kun oldin
😆 her pets barked after she said their names. 20:51
gockit 18 kun oldin
Good time you guys! Way to go Paris ❤
Colton Stellway
Colton Stellway 18 kun oldin
Great interview, terrible guest.
boirocr -Tamiko
boirocr -Tamiko 18 kun oldin
I wish I can take all of the thumbs up they gave for this one and thumbs it down. Frfr IM DISGUSTED NO NO NO NO NO THIS IS BULLSHIT
Lilith Jade
Lilith Jade 19 kun oldin
i’m really sad we don’t have paris hilton beans
Paweł Lejkowski
Paweł Lejkowski 21 kun oldin
She aged/
jerb deytookem
jerb deytookem 21 kun oldin
Damn, Sean you sold out. She didn't even eat the wings. You are going the way of Joe Rogan/Howard Stern where you get bigger stars but you suck them off during the video. this channel has become fake, shame on you.
Jean-Michel Mayer
Jean-Michel Mayer 22 kun oldin
irish chancer
irish chancer 22 kun oldin
She didn't even eat it , fake fake fake
Ash Collins
Ash Collins 22 kun oldin
Paris is doing waaaaaay better than i thought.. she is actually a trooper!! And i really liked her opening up, and showing personality.. I think this is the best Paris ive ever seen!
crystalrbc137 22 kun oldin
Raven Harris
Raven Harris 23 kun oldin
She did eat anything ridiculous
Alistair Gonzales
Alistair Gonzales 23 kun oldin
When Paris Hilton (of all people) has more bravery in eating spicy food more than DJ Khaled
Ylianna Villarreal
Omg I know 🤣🤣🤣 and alot of other "hard rapers" 😂
Supertails 10 kun oldin
@Kevin Kott ?
Kevin Kott
Kevin Kott 10 kun oldin
DJ Khalid’s a flamer
Squinny 23 kun oldin
Who wears sparkly gloves when eating hot wings. Drove me nuts 😆
Meredith M
Meredith M 23 kun oldin
I’d buy Paris beans
anubisz 24 kun oldin
Sean force me to love everyone a little more, such a nice guy and great interviewer. ;)
Steven Thomas
Steven Thomas 24 kun oldin
I'll always love her the hottest girl on the planet for a long time 😍 what a badass chick
E R 24 kun oldin
Why is it that I can’t stand the Kardashians but I love Paris Hilton?
Jesica Franco
Jesica Franco 25 kun oldin
Paris didn't bite into ATLEAST 4 wings LMAO
Tom Zostromu
Tom Zostromu 25 kun oldin
Obviously ... she faked all the hot sauces, that's not even a question. But the question is ... why is she relevant in 2021 ???
Anne Klanica
Anne Klanica 25 kun oldin
I really like her shirt. Does anyone know where I could buy one?
Mariah Jones
Mariah Jones 26 kun oldin
Paris Thats Hot Sauce ! Here for it
Butterfly era
Butterfly era 26 kun oldin
21:14 Paris gets hit by a cathedral bell
moe nae
moe nae 26 kun oldin
She’s the blueprint I love this iconic queen
Katy Perry's Boobs
Katy Perry's Boobs 26 kun oldin
It didn't make Britney stronger..
DollaSign.J 26 kun oldin
We need a Druski2funny hot ones ASAP.
Jade Portman
Jade Portman 26 kun oldin
I like her real voice alot better wish she felt more comfortable with it 💜
Maggie 2021
Maggie 2021 26 kun oldin
Not a fan, but I am sure she is a nice girl.
Shabby Lavette
Shabby Lavette 27 kun oldin
I love that he didn’t ask her any condescending questions she normally gets. Definitely subscribed
Trstn Clrk
Trstn Clrk 27 kun oldin
At the risk of sounding super cliché ima say Paris is a savage ass boss ass bitch with these wings !
Amar gujjar
Amar gujjar 28 kun oldin
Paris is very beautiful and interesting to listen to what she says she sounds very kind hearted
So Radtastical
So Radtastical 28 kun oldin
This episode changed the way I think of her. She's gorgeous, and just having a fun sit down one on one interview, she's actually pretty laid back. Great episode. 👍
you have to build up your immunity over months
TheBluePhoenix2112 29 kun oldin
Paris killed it! Shame to all the sissies who quit!
Horror Movie Scream Queen
Omg remember her show where she was trying to find a bff?? The guy she picked from season 2 was cool, I wonder if they are still friends...
Horror Movie Scream Queen
Since when did she become a DJ?!
Christopher Valino
Christopher Valino 29 kun oldin
I learned more about paris in this interview then anything. She is so down to earth and my god to find out she more of a tom boy then anything blew my mind. I like this paris better then the nineties character she did. Good for her.
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