Molly Baz Makes the Perfect Breakfast Burger | The Burger Show 

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Molly Baz is on a mission to make the perfect breakfast burger! On this week's episode of The Burger Show, Molly and Alvin's challenge will be to combine the best of both worlds-breakfast and burgers. Just think of it. Seared patty. Gooey cheese. Soft eggs. Squishy bun. *Chef's kiss*

So what makes the ultimate breakfast burger? Molly's gonna make a delicious Smash Patty Breakfast Sando, and Alvin will crank out a spicy hashbrown bacon burger. Ya dude, get ready.






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8-Iyn, 2021



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First We Feast
First We Feast 6 kun oldin
*Good morning! Like if you're craving Molly's breakfast burger*
Random Recipes
Random Recipes 8 soat oldin
Job well done guys, I'd love to make a burger on the show!
MottledSkeleton 9 soat oldin
@CasperInkyMagoo bruh -- produce your own food magazine and decide who to hire -- shitty higher-ups at a company don't mean, like, you hate the barista at starbucks. wtf. working for a company does not make you liable for the words/actions of another unless they were endorsed/complicit. it literally takes two seconds to google. honestly, m8. it's disgusting that you cannot even be bothered to read, say, the rag of the NY Post: nypost.com/2020/08/07/bon-appetit-test-kitchen-star-molly-baz-resigns-in-solidarity/
Havel Bear
Havel Bear Kun oldin
I recently made breakfast burger, cheese, black forest ham, egg, canned beans. Tasted great could've added a hot sauce but didn't.
you must learn
you must learn Kun oldin
@lbgtr87 hmmmm...
Mark Kun oldin
@CasperInkyMagoo Molly left the channel in solidarity with Sola, you have to be a really garbage person to think she deserves to suffer consequences after that
asmit317ify 53 daqiqa oldin
I like Alvin, but I don't think eggslut seems so impressive that it, (for the teens)... seems "gram-able" Alvin is like #19 most impressive cook on his OWN show
asmit317ify 48 daqiqa oldin
I kinda think his game is weak
annece ferron
annece ferron 4 soat oldin
Someone is having a barbecue near my flat, i honestly felt like the smell of beef was coming from my screen...view+ smell... now i am starving
Smörgås Bored
Smörgås Bored 4 soat oldin
Can't wait to make this. For years, I've said to friends that an SEC is basically just a burger that's socially acceptable to eat at 7 a.m.
jebusgod 7 soat oldin
MOlly - one of the faces I haven't missed seeing since BA went absolutely nuclear
MAKEOUTHILL 10 soat oldin
Yet to see Molly Baz make a dish that would taste good without copious amounts of salt. Typical white cook in that she can only create flavour through salt.
EagleT Vlogs
EagleT Vlogs 10 soat oldin
Zz 12 soat oldin
ken arquines
ken arquines 15 soat oldin
Why they don't serve Alvin with an apple on his mouth? Crispy Alvin
Ray Warren
Ray Warren 17 soat oldin
I’m eating Molly’s burger off rip lol she wins IMO, even tho this isn’t a contest
er ch
er ch 17 soat oldin
can ALVIN please lose some god damn weight. we want him to live long !
Dietzyboi 19 soat oldin
Imagine if they got rid of Alvin and replaced with motz or anyone else
Juna Wallace
Juna Wallace 20 soat oldin
and then a pile of arugula for health or whatever lol
Resistant Jeans
Resistant Jeans 20 soat oldin
Enjoy Alvin while you can, he ain’t got long left lol, he’s getting bigger
Dead Soul Walking
Dead Soul Walking 20 soat oldin
Molly needs her own show
makattak88 21 soat oldin
I love Molly!
Paul Jabbour
Paul Jabbour 22 soat oldin
I should give you 2 thumbs up, one for each breakfast burger!
AbbyKeetie 23 soat oldin
She makes me think of Claire and Brad... but I got no clue who she is, n_n I guess that says how memorable she is.
George 23 soat oldin
Stoked to see Molly on F W F.
lenchoisrad Kun oldin
I like how molly rolled her eyes when alvin mentioned brad.
Barren Kun oldin
i need to stop watching these videos at night while im hungry
Michael Ross
Michael Ross Kun oldin
Nah brad got it right American cheese on burgers sucks. It’s good on breakfast sandwiches but nah not burgers
Nuqqii Kun oldin
I love your Shoes Molly 🔥😀
Melissa Aimée Roberts
Thank you for this! Adore Molly
Modest Mind25
Modest Mind25 Kun oldin
Good to see her around still.
Luis Jimenez V.
Luis Jimenez V. Kun oldin
One of the best shows in a while
Shaiful Asmar
Shaiful Asmar Kun oldin
awww.. i just love Molly
Daina Runke
Daina Runke Kun oldin
Bro i think u have to stop eat those burgers, u look like one.
madonna816 Kun oldin
Ain’t nobody wanting to wake up to arugula in their mouths. That shit bites back. I can feel it fighting my tongue & throat, & whipping out a switchblade. Ya did so well, & then said ‘I’d like to attack the mouths of those I just lovingly cooked for.’
madonna816 Kun oldin
Absolutely give credit!!! Let’s maintain that same energy for all of the white washed (emphasis on the white washing of) innovations throughout history (aka the active erasure of BIPOC Americans, that’s pertinent right f’n now). AKA AMERICANS. #nooneisillegal
jonathan schihl
jonathan schihl Kun oldin
why do i think she looks like a muppet? married to a muppet....ugggg. im hatin' eat that.
Rob Rochon
Rob Rochon Kun oldin
Sorry, but Alvin's egg was weak in this one.
Bobbie Wilson
Bobbie Wilson Kun oldin
I make a "breakfast buger" for my "dinner burger". There are no rules for burger time. I am my own Burger Boss !! Hugs from Texas 😎
Matthew B
Matthew B Kun oldin
Molly’s burger looked great but if there is no beef it’s not a burger. She made a glorified sausage and egg McMuffin.
thejetshowlive Kun oldin
I wanna hate on the "Lit-ness" of this video...but I this shit hits all the notes. I can't be "totes mad...I fucks wit it."
Nathaniel Thomas
I want her to do Hot ones!!!
Paul Roberson
Paul Roberson Kun oldin
I never thought to use my tortilla press!
R J Kun oldin
Hey its Molly! Every once in awhile I find a vid with those old BA people. I can't stand that show now that they all left.
Doug Lawson
Doug Lawson Kun oldin
Try that coffee with a good bit of heavy whipping cream and just a small pull of buttermilk sweetened with liquid stevia. Your coffee is now the morning star of the universe. You're welcome. Mollz.....gahdang!!!! Lookin good!
Sho Scene
Sho Scene Kun oldin
This guy went on and on praising American cheese for breakfast and straight up used something else 😅😂
Jacob Estes
Jacob Estes Kun oldin
Saying "chef's kiss" after doing it is a hat on a hat.
tom k
tom k Kun oldin
Just realized that because I am lazy and don't feel like whisking my scrambled eggs ever at any time...That I've been eating marble ized eggs thank you for making me sound fancy and like my lazyness is me knowing what I am doing :)
Shawn Kun oldin
Sigh, more white self-proclaimed "top chefs" cooking bland food, and bland breakfast sandwiches at that. Some gas stations have better breakfast sandwiches than this, GTFO. This should be called the "Sally from The Valley Of Privilege Sandwich".
Nick White
Nick White Kun oldin
As someone from Oklahoma all respect to George Motz, but he doesn't deserve the credit for those onion burgers.
Jemazondo 93
Jemazondo 93 Kun oldin
Should’ve put some sautéed spinach instead of whatever that was
Georgia Kun oldin
3am and now I'm gna make a breakfast burger. the power
Mark Kun oldin
Why is Molly not more everywhere
Jeremy Biwer
Jeremy Biwer Kun oldin
You guys should check out the Burger Bros over at Critical Eats Japan, would love to see you guys team up.
I Don't Edit
I Don't Edit 2 kun oldin
The fact that she salted her eggs before cooking them makes me not trust anything she's saying...
I Don't Edit
I Don't Edit Kun oldin
@Will Leary I've done it and the eggs always go watery and grey...salt naturally extracts water..it's not a myth
Will Leary
Will Leary Kun oldin
That whole dont pre-salt your eggs thing is a myth.. it was extensively tested by j kenji lopez-alt
Bryan Kahl
Bryan Kahl 2 kun oldin
Uhm… does she have a show because I want more. That burger looks fire 🔥
FramesPerSecond Kun oldin
She has a Patreon. I forget what it’s called though.
Andrew Evans
Andrew Evans 2 kun oldin
Can she just pronounce the rest of the words tho???
Jose Figueroa
Jose Figueroa 2 kun oldin
Does anyone know what that triple patty burger is called in the intro?
Zach Martindale
Zach Martindale 2 kun oldin
George needs to review or try the Smoke and Pepper burger from Red Robin. I’d love to hear his take on it!
Juuso 2 kun oldin
Alvis is such a cool guy, love him. He looks like a wise sage when he's plating his burger @ 10.24.
Ryan Mordick
Ryan Mordick 2 kun oldin
Y'all. Holy moly.
Quietus Plus
Quietus Plus 2 kun oldin
What a beauty, the burger as well. Blue eyes like that and I'm done.
my favorite breakfast to make is on friday mornings. just a smashed piece of sausage with 1 jumbo fried egg and american cheese, slammed between 2 toasted brioche buns. it doesnt get any better
Paul Wilson eLearning Tutorials
American cheese invited by a Canadian
Elizabeth Bartley
Elizabeth Bartley 2 kun oldin
I think Alvin's wins this one. He nailed it.
skywards 2 kun oldin
Not to nay say but I think we're confusing breakfast burger with a regular ole breakfast sandwich
Wait a minute, that’s not a burger at all. That’s just a sausage egg and cheese
cyanidematt 2 kun oldin
That looks a lot like my absolute favorite hot sauce Crystal
Daniel Sundström
Daniel Sundström 2 kun oldin
Oooh wow, both of you make amazing breakfast burgers!!
Bryan Bagayas
Bryan Bagayas 2 kun oldin
Holy shit Molly
YuckFOUunltd 2 kun oldin
Molly!!! Idk what happened at BA but as soon as I saw her on the thumb nail I clicked. She dope.
dio52 2 kun oldin
Anyone: how much salt? Molly: Yes.
jrd mgl
jrd mgl 2 kun oldin
rjjm88 2 kun oldin
I think the only way Molly could be more stereotypically Californian is if she surfed onto set.
WorkinCoolin 2 kun oldin
if you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem
jon c
jon c 2 kun oldin
Molly’s burger definitely won
imnotdavid 2 kun oldin
it's weird how much she wants to sit on his american cheese
Devilfish303 2 kun oldin
Did she really say “pep” as in pepper?
Dakota Shaffer
Dakota Shaffer 2 kun oldin
Why does she say everything with a z at the end
Patrick Cruz
Patrick Cruz 2 kun oldin
Where you been Molly!
L P 2 kun oldin
Great to see you again Molly
gtr mjk
gtr mjk 2 kun oldin
The polite spider admittedly crawl because cicada scientifically kill in a exciting exclusive rowboat. polite, smelly cheque
Greg LaVecchia
Greg LaVecchia 2 kun oldin
Molly is great on camera!!
•sol 2 kun oldin
so you're literally using crumpets as buns lol
Practice and Repeat
Patrick Hanks
Patrick Hanks 2 kun oldin
"For health or whatever" is my new mantra
Kenny Roberts
Kenny Roberts 2 kun oldin
American cheese was created in Canada lol
Nehemiah Blackburn
Nehemiah Blackburn 2 kun oldin
now that molly is free from BA she can cuss and abbreviate to her heart’s content
Flower 2 kun oldin
Ommmmmmh yuuuumm
dustin penner
dustin penner 2 kun oldin
"Breakfast cannot be complicated"
Jonathan dalton
Jonathan dalton 3 kun oldin
Molly Baz , any day of the week.
São Paulo Soul
São Paulo Soul 3 kun oldin
Amazing food, talented chefs, albeit the chic is kinda corny annoying
Nikki Richards
Nikki Richards 3 kun oldin
That sandwich looks awesome, minus the hot sauce...
The Midsouth Cyclist
3:13....adding fingerprints to the meal
Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith 3 kun oldin
Molly!!! LOve you, miss you. Glad your back on youtube. I hope to see more.
Franciscy 3 kun oldin
Spaghettiman 3 kun oldin
Burger: I am a large burger. Alvin's hands: Extra extra small. Take it of leave it.
Dove Dunham
Dove Dunham 3 kun oldin
Is profanity really necessary on a cooking show? It's off putting.
Logan Barnard
Logan Barnard 3 kun oldin
"Keep it simple" Proceeds with 50 steps to make a breakfast burger
Giant49warriors 3 kun oldin
How did she afford a house in LA?
E S 3 kun oldin
Congrats on moving to California? 🤦‍♂️
A Moya
A Moya 3 kun oldin
Molly blue? its called Royal blue..... get over yourself
Rob Knox
Rob Knox 3 kun oldin
You lost me at coffee. I understand the need for some bitter taste offset sweeter sour savory but coffee isn't it. Coffee is disgusting. Now let's talk roasted red peppers!
Priest 015
Priest 015 3 kun oldin
Ok I've never seen an ep of this but goddamn was that entertaining. I love a cooking show where they don't shy away from the cursing because that's exactly how I cook hahaha. Just be natural. Molly just seems to be an all around beautiful person not just in looks but I so dig on her personality.
ray stephen
ray stephen 3 kun oldin
half beef, half bacon. fucking genius.
David Englund
David Englund 3 kun oldin
it's not a wrap, it's burger.
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