Malcolm Gladwell Hits the Tipping Point While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones 

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Malcolm Gladwell is the author of five New York Times best-selling books, including The Tipping Point, Blink, and Outliers. His latest is The Bomber Mafia, which is out now, and his massively popular podcast Revisionist History returns on June 24th. But how is he with spicy food? Find out as Gladwell takes on the wings of death and discusses everything from The Hoff, to video games, to the most exciting track event at the Summer Olympics.






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1-Iyl, 2021



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First We Feast
Who do you want to see on Hot Ones that you'd least expect to see on Hot Ones?
Maggie Unger
Maggie Unger 15 kun oldin
Get a comedian. Jim Gaffigan would be awesome, Fluffy, and Daniel Tosh!!!
Claudia Llera
Claudia Llera 16 kun oldin
Tom Hiddlestone
JKB JKB 16 kun oldin
Guest ideas: Jim Acosta Jake Tapper Nicolle Wallace Rachel Maddow Gayle King Meghan McCain
Ricky Vega
Ricky Vega 16 kun oldin
Sylvester Stallone, Simon Cowell, Keanu Reeves
Taylor Sumner
Taylor Sumner 29 kun oldin
Stephen King
Alexis A
Alexis A 10 soat oldin
Malcolm!! Rochester, NY is a stone's throw from Buffalo, the home of the wing, AND known for garbage plates, a dish made with a unique meat hot sauce. Rochester is a credible hot sauce location!
Bruce Begy
Bruce Begy Kun oldin
I think it's funny that he's calls out "Rochester NY"...ingredients are available everywhere these days ;-) Don't dis a sauce by its location :-)
John Patton
John Patton Kun oldin
one of the more fascinating episodes. Love it.
Jon Christian
Jon Christian Kun oldin
"You look distressed." -Malcolm Gladwell to Sean Evens. What an episode!!
Zoidberg Kun oldin
Fantastic episode, real class act of a guest and a fantastic writer. Havent been this surprised by a guest's tolerance since Alton brown. Good stuff.
Dearth of Doohickey’s
Malcolm Gladwell? Let’s gooooooo! I love that guy, his books and podcasts are amazing.
Ashley Cook
Ashley Cook Kun oldin
The crabby enemy bioinformatically clear because holiday geometrically supply following a infamous sleep. aboriginal, unusual sweatshirt
tom joad
tom joad 2 kun oldin
Should've asked him about Epstein's plane. Lol
Evan.Hongzheng Yang
Definitely my favorite Canadian 😁
Chris Kerr
Chris Kerr 2 kun oldin
Malcolm Gladwell is the most likeable dude ever created.
Rob Ghaderi
Rob Ghaderi 2 kun oldin
"Even if someone is getting you wrong, they're still getting you, right?" Love it.
Gloworm Sparkle far
Mister Ree
Mister Ree 3 kun oldin
Low viewing numbers. but one of my fave interviews so far.
RO'K 3 kun oldin
DA BOMB 14:00
Robert Ferrin
Robert Ferrin 3 kun oldin
Invite Sam Harris
Dark Star
Dark Star 4 kun oldin
The reason why people is r getting better is because…..people r not being murdered on mass in the rich boys and girls wars ….its hard to have a bigger iq when your being murdered ….ok this guy is really *******ing stupid
Grayson Ridge
Grayson Ridge 4 kun oldin
Fewer rappers who are Too Cool to Care and more people like this, please!
Aeb Froman
Aeb Froman 4 kun oldin
What does it say about the man who does not even acknowledge the little tradition around here?
Nokenify 4 kun oldin
This dude is awesome.
PLACEonPLATE 5 kun oldin
Malcolm is one of my favorite human beings on the planet. Thank you...THANK YOU, for having him on.
Marco Gallo
Marco Gallo 5 kun oldin
"I consume things all the time where I disagree with the writer, but I'm fine with that cause I'm learning, I'm learning about the writer, I'm learning about the world, I'm being force to kind of justify my own positions or I'm just being entertained" What many ppl lack today from what is seen in social media and at large. Ppl look for echo chambers and those who tell them things they want to hear instead of learning and being exposed to it all.
John Garcia
John Garcia 5 kun oldin
The freakanomics authours should be next
p3tr0l 5 kun oldin
Malcolm Gladwell is a pure delight, a national treasure.
Liz 5 kun oldin
Pleeaseee interview Bo Burnham!!
Kristel Mae
Kristel Mae 5 kun oldin
neil gaiman paulo coelho robert kiyosaki mel robbins robert fulghum on the list pls ;;
JJM 5 kun oldin
Top 10 guest of Hot Ones for sure. In terms of not flinching when eating those wings. He was even so humble about it, but damn he went through it like it's nothing.
brokenyard 2 kun oldin
He barely nibbled any of them. Go watch Gary V clean the bones.
JJM 5 kun oldin
I'd say Top 5 even.
Jan Ge Jo
Jan Ge Jo 5 kun oldin
A great thinker, but a nibbler when it comes to spicy wings. Never had one real bite… and at the end even bragged a bit. Weak! (and also in numbers, the weakest episode in a while, by far!)
Anne de la rama
Anne de la rama 5 kun oldin
loooove malcolm gladwell and his works. great episode!
The Old Beekeeper
The Old Beekeeper 6 kun oldin
I can't believe they got Gladwell. This is awesome. I hope they bring in some other unique guests you'd never expect
CryptoNexis 6 kun oldin
MJ 6 kun oldin
Robert Sapolosky-neuroendochrinologist/primatologist/biology, neurology, neurological sciences professor at Stanford and research associate at the National Museum of a Kenya.
Yo BRO WTF? 6 kun oldin
Malcolm Gladwell cool as a cucumber, dude! Brilliant!
Fiasshole 6 kun oldin
my absolute favorite person on earth!
Marianna Ark
Marianna Ark 7 kun oldin
Y'all do such good homework with the guests and ask interesting questions very well done!
Maxwell 7 kun oldin
I didn't even notice he had done da bomb until he got to scorpion disco. took that like a champ
Anthony Dauer
Anthony Dauer 8 kun oldin
Was he blinking “torture” in Morse Code there at the beginning?
Emre C. Korkmaz
Emre C. Korkmaz 8 kun oldin
Besides the impressive, top quality conversation running throughout, Mr. Gladwell has been one of the coolest (if not THE coolest) guests without any big, uncontrolled reaction to the hot sauces. I guess he keeps his mind so busy and concentrated on the conversation, that the hot sauce reactions are not able to breach through. Boss move. 👏👏👏
Jenny Tolios
Jenny Tolios 8 kun oldin
That was the most Zen initial reaction to Da Bomb sauce I have ever seen! Hahaha! Well done Mr Gladwell...
1stNamebasis FinalNamebasis
OieVay 8 kun oldin
"Spin the Bottle" like a Russian Roulette kinda thing would be dope🤔
RosieBabyCheeks 9 kun oldin
10:04 What a joy it is to see them on the same wavelength.
Marco Chumacero
Marco Chumacero 9 kun oldin
What a delight and gentleman.
Mike P
Mike P 9 kun oldin
Does Sean thread a wire coat-hanger through his hoods?
3nr1BAE 9 kun oldin
I love his take on flip-flopping on people.
Patrick dePoortere
Patrick dePoortere 9 kun oldin
He Mr.Scott you...
Samantha Carlos
Samantha Carlos 9 kun oldin
Would love to see Lorde as your guest ☀️💛
Alex Emocling
Alex Emocling 9 kun oldin
LORDE on hot ones please!! ☀️
angelojumped 9 kun oldin
One of the most interesting by far. Thank you!!!
D Fn Rey
D Fn Rey 10 kun oldin
I have no who this man is in this episode, but it made me look up his books and podcast.
peekochu 10 kun oldin
The best episode. Please keep the charismatic thinkers coming!
Diana Ceballos
Diana Ceballos 10 kun oldin
bring on Neil deGrasse Tyson, that'd be so interesting!!
JamMastaJew 10 kun oldin
One of the books Gladwell appears in but that Sean didn't mention at the beginning are the flight logs on Jeffrey Epstein's jet. Does Sean ever get around to asking about his remarks in defense of Joe Paterno or Jeff Toobin? I admit I didn't watch the full video, I couldn't stomach more than a couple minutes of him.
EpilepticMercenary 10 kun oldin
please get dax flame on the show i feel like that would be such an interesting interview
01Dekker10 10 kun oldin
i have no idea who this gullum lookin troll is
SE Gamble
SE Gamble 10 kun oldin
JAMES HOFFMAN!!!!! That man's taste buds are a finally tuned precision instrument -this would be punishing for him!!!!
CloudKoF 10 kun oldin
This man rolled through this gauntlet.. Wow!
juanito1 10 kun oldin
The Tipping Point is suchhh a good book
Bulking Season
Bulking Season 10 kun oldin
More guests like this please
DudeItsShags 11 kun oldin
they say DA Bomb is around 3million scovills because its all capsaicin is that true ? it only reads 136k because they can only scale it off of the peppers in it ? gives us a story of the worst shit ever made lol
J. 11 kun oldin
How the hell did you get Malcolm Gladwell on the show???
Vanessa StrayStrawberry
Honestly, I didn't know who he was before, but I loved this conversation. I really hope you expand your porfolio and invite more authors and critical thinkers. This was great.
johannw345 11 kun oldin
I would love to see Elon Musk on Hot Ones and see his reaction!
Adam Palmiter
Adam Palmiter 12 kun oldin
So so glad you guys got Malcolm! Revise this hot sauce history!
gamegenie11 12 kun oldin
Very cool that you had Malcolm on the show!
John Snow
John Snow 12 kun oldin
We need Jordan Peterson on here next
Steve Munguia
Steve Munguia 13 kun oldin
Never thought I'd see Malcolm Gladwell on here 😮
Alex 13 kun oldin
Would be pretty great if you get Nicolas Cage
Eli C
Eli C 13 kun oldin
Get Mr. Ballen on here!!
RavynSorrow Crestfallen
Wonderful! :) Lex Fridman please. Steven Wright...
Level of Snipes
Level of Snipes 13 kun oldin
I don’t know who this is but he looks like the skeleton when Marv gets electrocuted in Home Alone 2
Ishaan Nijjar
Ishaan Nijjar 13 kun oldin
Please consider having any of these celebs on your show: 1) Logan Paul 2) Simon SInek 3) The Rock 4) Lebron James 5) Robert Downey Jr 6) Rowan Sebastian Atkinson 7) John Cena 8) Channing Tatum 9) Tom Holland 10) Sarah Silverman 11) Jennifer Lawerance 12) Ryan Reynolds They will be quite entertaining and will attract a lot of audience. I hope they have an upcoming project to promote though.
Nate Johnson
Nate Johnson 13 kun oldin
I wish I was half as interesting as Mr. Gladwell
Angelicwings1 14 kun oldin
Watching this while eating Nuclear fire noodles :D
a.basir .k
a.basir .k 14 kun oldin
You guys have to call TAYLOR SWIFT!!
Hector Crespo
Hector Crespo 14 kun oldin
Loved this episode 🙌🏼 How about...John Krasinski, Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn?
Selene 14 kun oldin
omg I got his book!
rehtaeh77 14 kun oldin
Absolutely love Malcom Gladwell he’s amazing 🙌🏽🙌🏽 I love that he’s on here 😍❤️
Diane DeWindt
Diane DeWindt 14 kun oldin
Nate Silver.
Diane DeWindt
Diane DeWindt 14 kun oldin
How did I already know Malcolm Gladwell played a "ton" of Risk when he was younger?
Going Ghost
Going Ghost 14 kun oldin
Rick riordan on hot ones would be fantastic
Jason LeBel
Jason LeBel 15 kun oldin
a) He barely ate any of the wings b) This interview was too short. There were too many things he touched on, but never really discussed (and yes I know, this is how the show goes)
Joel Roske
Joel Roske 15 kun oldin
I could (and often do) listen to Malcom Gladwell talk for hours. Dude is so knowledgeable in a curious, not arrogant way.
Mike Fitch
Mike Fitch 15 kun oldin
I can’t believe you got Malcolm Gladwell!! So awesome!
Catarina Gutierrez
Catarina Gutierrez 15 kun oldin
Malcolm Gladwell said Air Jordan thingies.YES! So glad to know he's not the same guy as Michael Pollan.
Grier M
Grier M 15 kun oldin
Did you forget to sauce his wings? Didn't even flinch 🙌
Says GTA 3 pulls out GTA 4. ding!
Jeff R
Jeff R 15 kun oldin
Now we need Paul Simon.
Dessydd 15 kun oldin
He was a delightful guest Sadly never challenged the sauce Nibble Little Licker
Andrew Tetreault
Andrew Tetreault 16 kun oldin
its sad this is one of the least watched hot ones!
TheGloomining 16 kun oldin
always good to see Malcolm Gladwell
Milk 16 kun oldin
I just read david and goliath!!!
sentient meat
sentient meat 16 kun oldin
this guy reminds me of my gpaw. seems rly likable and smart i will say i thought it was a ridiculous take to say that "if there's 1 thing ppl r not, it's dumb." but outside of that line i resonated w everything he said
David Gaillardetz
David Gaillardetz 16 kun oldin
He always gives me Mad Hatter vibes and I'm here for it
You F. Oh
You F. Oh 16 kun oldin
This dude was unfazed…
Billy Warren
Billy Warren 16 kun oldin
More guests like Malcolm please.
kyp durron
kyp durron 16 kun oldin
Had no idea who this gentleman was till this show but wow, awesome guest and interview; legit one of the best.
BatakGalak 16 kun oldin
Yang suka nonton dari Indonesia siapa aja? 🤚🤚
Jeff Grant
Jeff Grant 16 kun oldin
Wow he took it like a champ
Emiliyan Yankov
Emiliyan Yankov 16 kun oldin
DJ Khaled - Never Forget. 🤣
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