J Balvin Meets the Devil While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones 

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J Balvin is the prince of reggaeton and the king of streaming worldwide, as well as a 5x Latin Grammy Award winner. His latest album, Colores, is out now-the newest singles are "Ma 'G'" and "Tu Vuh-Nay-No," and as is always the case with J Balvin, there's more new music on the way. But how is he with spicy food? Find out as the global icon eats the spiciest meal of his life with Sean Evans and discusses everything from late nights in Paris with Michael Jordan, to how he almost ended up with the stage name "Scotch Bonnet."

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25-Mar, 2021



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Antonella Trujillo
Antonella Trujillo 13 soat oldin
"you are doing hipo" ahahajajalalajaka morta
keleezy 15 soat oldin
Y’all should make that hoodie!
TheI11usionist Kun oldin
Does anyone know what breed of dog Enzo is? 😭😍
Elias Lopez
Elias Lopez Kun oldin
Need to see Bad Bunny, Dana white and Vince McMahon
Ash Collins
Ash Collins 3 kun oldin
I didn’t know who j balvin is/was, before this, but much respect to him!! He was pouring those sauces on each wing as opposed to dripping a drop.. then cleaning the wings fully! I had a great time watching! Thanks sean and production crew! Thanks J Balvin! Much love to all of you!! Edit: the joke at the end with j balvin’s best friend was funny! But he took alot of ‘da bomb’ like a champ!! Shout out to Andres!
sandra kemdoums
sandra kemdoums 3 kun oldin
this episode is underatted
N0bLy_Hades 4 kun oldin
I had no idea that Balvin was in the show
Kon Psychedelic
Kon Psychedelic 6 kun oldin
el negocio, socio. leggo
Arturo Garcia
Arturo Garcia 6 kun oldin
If you could PLEASE bring on The Weeknd!
Jesus Mendoza
Jesus Mendoza 6 kun oldin
That's was nothing for j balvin!🙂
William Valle
William Valle 7 kun oldin
cleaned every wing and dabbed every wing thus guy is a badass 😎
Duben De Fresh DJ
Duben De Fresh DJ 8 kun oldin
Respect the Art #nuffsaid
Ana M
Ana M 9 kun oldin
I like J as artist and human being, Respect for cleaning them wings!!
Shonda SheWrites
Shonda SheWrites 10 kun oldin
Them the crispiest damn wings! I need a whole platter of them bad boys! I enjoyed this artists sense of humility even though he on blow up status! Respect.
Alejandro Carrizosa
Alejandro Carrizosa 10 kun oldin
Alejandro Carrizosa
Alejandro Carrizosa 10 kun oldin
Watch game and knowledge on point. Respect!
Michael Porrtillo
Michael Porrtillo 11 kun oldin
You guys need bad bunny on ur show
red queen
red queen 11 kun oldin
J balvin and his dog are sooo cute❤❤❤🥰😍 like his hair🥰
Ely C
Ely C 12 kun oldin
Best episode 😂😂😂 so good
Ely C
Ely C 12 kun oldin
Latinos in dis bitchhhhh that’s how we do add more hot sauce and clean the bone 🤪
Linda 13 kun oldin
Respect the legacy 🔥💯💯💯
Andaleeb Marwat
Andaleeb Marwat 13 kun oldin
Haha sorry haha haha haha
Andaleeb Marwat
Andaleeb Marwat 13 kun oldin
Milk drink your mouth cold
Andaleeb Marwat
Andaleeb Marwat 13 kun oldin
Haha haha haha haha
Andaleeb Marwat
Andaleeb Marwat 13 kun oldin
Haha haha haha
SB33 Ashish Suradkar
Love you J Balvin sir.Its my dream to get your autograph.So great but yet so humble.
Jesse Ruiz
Jesse Ruiz 13 kun oldin
Bring Natanael Cano for new season
1tanialara 14 kun oldin
Snow the product please
Ben U
Ben U 15 kun oldin
More Latino artists please ! There are plenty and in the mainstream pop culture so all viewers probably in some way still know them 🙏
Mom Salazar
Mom Salazar 15 kun oldin
I love you JBalvin!💖
jess a.
jess a. 15 kun oldin
Cruz Nieto
Cruz Nieto 15 kun oldin
Respect for J Balvin man. I didn’t realize how real he is and intelligent. !
The New Day
The New Day 16 kun oldin
Ms12369 16 kun oldin
I expect nothing less from a Latino. Chill vibes all around but with that ambitious edge, too.
Dulcinea Herrera
Dulcinea Herrera 16 kun oldin
Thank you for interviewing Latino artists!!
Kira Nima
Kira Nima 17 kun oldin
U should get BTS on here, it would be awesome 👌hand of applause to J Balvin. He done do his friend song though 😅🤣🤣🤣
Missa v
Missa v 17 kun oldin
Was it his choice to add extra on the wings??
Missa v
Missa v 17 kun oldin
Okay but his English is good!!! He doesn’t give him self enough credit for that. 😌
Lainie Medina
Lainie Medina 19 kun oldin
I do not know why, but I burst out laughing when he said he still doesn't know english, he was so honest it took me by surprised hahahaah. PICANTE HASTA LA CHIMBAAAA, I fucking died with Sean, he's got the Colombian flow that we all latinos can identify a mile away.
Taylor Asmr
Taylor Asmr 20 kun oldin
Joses laugh 😂
George Platis
George Platis 20 kun oldin
What a champ this guy is! Always comes across as a great person!
Hector L Forigua Duarte
to be fair the friend of jay Balvin took it like a champ without intruduction!!!!!!!!!!!
Shelly Smith
Shelly Smith 21 kun oldin
I came for Jose😍🥰🔥😜 such a dope artist & humble. He doesn’t give boring interviews either. Then wings sound delicious 🤤
Gledja Papa
Gledja Papa 22 kun oldin
🥺J Balvin 💙♥️💛
Sharon Espinal
Sharon Espinal 23 kun oldin
No le entendiendo nada en inglés lo pueden traducir en español porfavor
Brittney Gibson
Brittney Gibson 23 kun oldin
My heart is so happy when I saw the pupper 😊💕
Black Wings and Dangerous Things
I dig me some hot ones. I had not heard of him before. I dont do alot of mainstream media, tho. Hilarious ending 😁
Spencer Tessman
Spencer Tessman 24 kun oldin
10.000.000 subscriptores y una entrevista con el artista latino mas famoso del mundo y no colocaron ningun subtitulo en español?... Cabron...
mann jaye
mann jaye 24 kun oldin
Am I the only one who heard the crunch in the wings j-balvin was eating? Ok, I'm ordering wings
Pile of carbon
Pile of carbon 25 kun oldin
Doggo's like "Hey man, you can't possibly eat all of those yourself right? Let me help you with that."
DollaSign.J 26 kun oldin
We need a Druski2funny hot ones ASAP.
Human Games
Human Games 27 kun oldin
Funniest part of any episode, his friend at the end had me in tears.
Leydi Suárez Soto
Leydi Suárez Soto 28 kun oldin
He's so respectful that he didn't say "picante como el putas" as it should but he says "picante hasta la chimba" he's so paisa i love him
Xinka Mayan Goddess
Xinka Mayan Goddess 28 kun oldin
my boy Andres got the hiccups before he could swallow his bite.... BRUH!
Morgan 29 kun oldin
Love What Balvin said. He doesn't like to act like other celebrities. He's just real. That's who he is.
Stephanie Quiroz
Stephanie Quiroz 29 kun oldin
Props to the host for intro-ing in Spanish. 😎
irene marie Belanger
Great artist !
Mario Oy oldin
The prince of Reggaeton is Bad Bunny not Balvin. Daddy Yankee is the king
Wenz Oy oldin
J balvin is sooo cool wow amazing guy..But this rookie sauces is not at all great...i am indian we eat all of those rookie sauces or chillie everyday!
La Flame
La Flame Oy oldin
Bring Canelo Alvarez plz that would be dope af !!!
Sam Borges
Sam Borges Oy oldin
Where are J Balvin’s wings from? They look amazing!
KevBounce Oy oldin
ForestSakan Oy oldin
Also why does the android software seems more humane when talking to latinos?
ForestSakan Oy oldin
There is big question in my mind since this show started, why do they put an android as a presenter of a show? There some follow up questions though... Did Chris pay for the android? did the android replaced Chris' brother or simply there was never a brother?
ricardo morillo
subtitles on at 20:24 "oh police no joke" lmao true
William Reyes
William Reyes Oy oldin
He has like eleven cups of water next to him, he reminds me of the girl Bo from Signs. Lets make sure we call him when the Aliens come.
Marcia Russi
Marcia Russi Oy oldin
we need Maluma Next!!
Lus Oy oldin
My favorite Hot Ones episode HANDS DOWN!!!
SoakingEggs Oy oldin
just that mad urban canyon behind balvin :O
Kirk Hamilton
Kirk Hamilton Oy oldin
J Balvin has the best wings ive seen a guest eat on this show in a while lol
Jo Wolf
Jo Wolf Oy oldin
I'd love to see some of the guys that Balvin mentioned who paved the way for him in Reggaeton. Especially either of the kings of Reggaeton Don Omar or Daddy Yankee
Advt Gal
Advt Gal Oy oldin
We need Kali Uchis pls
Julio Villa
Julio Villa Oy oldin
Great Episode!!! Mad respect for J Balvin and what he's achieved so far. Yo, you guys should get Saul "Canelo" Alvarez to do this. I'm sure he's down!
The Prodigy
The Prodigy Oy oldin
sean saying "picante hasta la chimba" is one of the best ever hahahahaha 😂😂😂😂😂💀💀💀💀💀
Joel Benitez
Joel Benitez Oy oldin
J Balvin by far had the realest interview 😂if they your best friend you gotta make them feel the spicy too 😂 his friend cleaned them wings too #LatinoGang
Jessica Zelaya
Please bring Nicky Jam on here !
Mars Recordz
Mars Recordz Oy oldin
This is wack not being in person
Jn Oy oldin
we need Bad Bunny now please
Edgar Ibarria
Edgar Ibarria Oy oldin
Chapo’s son probably gave him that watch lol
Ravyn Katzen
Ravyn Katzen Oy oldin
😂😂😂 LE DIO EL HIPO! 😅😅😅 PERO SE LO COMIO!!! 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻
I wanna be friends with J Balvin
#SOSColombia Nos están matando!!!! #SOSColombia Nos están matando!!!! The government is killing civilians . Please let the world know this human rights violations
Edisson Silva
Edisson Silva Oy oldin
Bring romeo santos!!!!
Janeth Elizabeth Blanco
Le dio hipo!? Hiccups from Hot sauce!? I've seen it all.
Meliodas Uzumaki
No but lowkey i want tht hoodie design
santi t
santi t Oy oldin
I hope j balvin is doing okay after this video lol ah men ! 😂 j balvin almost kill Andres .
Beinerth Chitiva Machado
Catseye189 Oy oldin
No milk?
Giovanna Flores
I'd love to see Karol G on Hot Ones.
carnage asada
carnage asada Oy oldin
Hes a humble dude who never forgot who he is.. the fact about how he spoke on watches on not to change them up says he enjoys the beauty of craftsmanship
Juano Santibañez
#SOS Colombia Ojalá haga algo algún día por su país
KaRuMa.- Oy oldin
Can we all start a chain saying "Hola Jose" to just honor how down to earth he is? Jose Balvin is honestly one of my favorite artists and seeing him here and being recognized all over the world brings joy to us Hispanics and Latinos. Hasta Luego muchachos! Latino gang.
Javier Parra
Javier Parra Oy oldin
Watch j Balvin give llane some bomb
Mark Marroquin
Get Drake on this show please!
MaFiaShotzX Oy oldin
you should bring bad bunny
Unique One
Unique One Oy oldin
Knowing j balvin who knows his next song might be about these wild hot sauces
UCzDwella201 Oy oldin
Damned threatened by the cartels for not wanting a gift.
Camilo García
So weird he has an opinion for hot sauce but not about the police brutality in his country #priorities
Cristian Hernandez
Great episode, you should get bad bunny on the show next 🔥
Malakian Antunez
Lame guest
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