How to Cook 4 More Regional Smashburgers with George Motz | Burger Scholar Sessions 

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Round two of regional smashburgers! Burger Scholar George Motz is back at it again to teach you about regional toppings that you can put on your smashburgers. Get ready to learn about the pimento cheeseburger from South Carolina; the bacon avocado burger from California; the goober burger from Missouri; and the hot-dog combo burger, also from California. It's a speed round, so keep up!


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29-Mar, 2021



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First We Feast
First We Feast 2 oy oldin
All hail Motz, King of the Smashburgers. Like if you want George back for another season!
Back Alley Radio
Back Alley Radio 19 soat oldin
We need more Burger Scholar Sessions! Love to watch George. He’s so entertaining!
Duane Edrington
Duane Edrington 8 kun oldin
May this never end...
annie ritter
annie ritter 23 kun oldin
I absolutely love burger scholar and would be so disappointed if there wasn’t another season.
Abhothra 27 kun oldin
One? ALL THE SEASONS!!! EDIT : He might end up with a lot of burn marks though, do appreciate his "Full contact cuisine" obv.
fishead C29
fishead C29 Oy oldin
The last one is probably fire but I'd like to try it with Manwich instead of chili.
You are an artist of food. Every burger is a state of ART.🙋
gouwapp 18 soat oldin
This guy looks like my old substitute teacher. If this is u. Congrats on making it out.
Back Alley Radio
Back Alley Radio 19 soat oldin
Made a Guber Burger tonight. All I can say is WOW! Pretty damn good!
acky ai
acky ai 2 kun oldin
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jes wes
jes wes 2 kun oldin
09:00 uzblock.info/post/video/p5ega4p8nJKBrZI.html
TheSpinyOne 2 kun oldin
"This is gonna be a speed round!" *spends 2 minutes on the phone with his mom
Sam 3 kun oldin
regular food show host: describes the food with colorful adjectives motz: "so good" *series of grunts and moans*
Scott Ripley
Scott Ripley 3 kun oldin
As a South Carolinian, I approve.
Edwin Perez
Edwin Perez 4 kun oldin
If youre mexican like me, you know that avocado goes good with beef, obviously on a burger.
Jake Bolt
Jake Bolt 6 kun oldin
Shout out for having a Cheerwine with the pimento cheese burger.
SoLongSidekick 7 kun oldin
Anyone else fast forward through every eating section because of the obnoxious slurping sounds? And because he literally says the exact same shit every time he eats a burger.
Angelo Crisostomo
Angelo Crisostomo 7 kun oldin
Duane Edrington
Duane Edrington 8 kun oldin
You guys are awesome .... lol George you crack me bro every time... love the show...
Big Bend Strength and Conditioning
George is incapable of not burning himself or his mouth
tyler smith
tyler smith 10 kun oldin
Fun fact: peanuts used to be called "goober peas" all the way beack before the civil war but ONLY below the dixie line. Thats why he keeps saying goober when hes talking about the peanut butter.
tyler smith
tyler smith 10 kun oldin
I ONLY want to see motz cooking burgers. Alvin's cool and all but hes not Motz
Can 10 kun oldin
How difficult would it be to get Johnny Knoxwille as a guest to the show?
Thomas Galloway
Thomas Galloway 12 kun oldin
ive never thought of making all these different types of Burgers, Im hooked on this show
OMGJaGeRBlieber Boss
I swear he look like a bun of the street
Alejandro Perez
Alejandro Perez 13 kun oldin
I don't know why but it pisses me off the way he eats the burgers
On this episode of, "Ooh, shit, it's hot!"
musomannz 16 kun oldin
Have you ever done a video on the original McDonald's burgers as in from the McDonald's brothers before the franchising and assembly line era started. I'm sure the first restaurant's burgers tasted amazing and old school before Kroc came along.
musomannz 16 kun oldin
Motz is the man! I get hungry every time I watch his burger videos even when I've already eaten. He's so manipulative but in the best way.
MainManMooky 18 kun oldin
dislike the lack of tomato seasoning
Alex Spranger
Alex Spranger 19 kun oldin
Does anyone know what kind of flat top George is using? Kinda curious and I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere.
luwen Hu
luwen Hu 19 kun oldin
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weston carter
weston carter 20 kun oldin
Is it weird to put Takis on burgers?
Daniel Cody
Daniel Cody 20 kun oldin
“Chili was invented in LA”. Umm, no, as a Texan, I am affronted. Chili (con carne) is a Tex-Mex recipe that originated in the South Texas/North Mexico region and came about when Spanish settlers added beef to the spicy stew recipes of the indigenous people. TX isn’t stealing your citizens L.A., they’re coming here of their own free will because you suck right now, so don’t suck even more for taking the credit for the invention of Tex-Mex food.
andrew sarchet
andrew sarchet 21 kun oldin
Oily Nuts, I went to prom with her
thermann9 24 kun oldin
When I heard "Pie Menna Cheese", I thought I was going to learn about a new, regional cheese.
Rapturnal 25 kun oldin
I fully blame George for enticing me to make burgers at home and gaining 15lbs since last year. This guy...
Hall0w Hall0w
Hall0w Hall0w 25 kun oldin
Lmfao the chemistry nerd in me cringed so hard when he circled the carbon carbon double bond for the acid oh thats so fucking sad
Lukas Enourmous
Lukas Enourmous 25 kun oldin
Tropical burger south carolina
Please Don't
Please Don't 25 kun oldin
I dont understand, why salt before smash? Salting after smashing would give it that nice crust, you're losing a bunch of salt of the grill, and you're smashing the salt into the patty which draws out moisture.
Björn Fellhanded
Björn Fellhanded 25 kun oldin
The goober burger was definitely created by a pregnant woman or a stoner cause no one else would think pickles and peanut butter
Morvagor82 26 kun oldin
Come on! 5:25 a carbon with 5 connections? Really disappointed from a chemical view. ;)
Guy Pope
Guy Pope 26 kun oldin
Dude, you gotta tell your mom you love her before you hang up the phone. It's the rule
Shiv Patel
Shiv Patel 26 kun oldin
you drew 5 bonds to the carboxylic carbon
Bindingofash 27 kun oldin
I just listened to a middle aged or old man nut over burgers I never heard of for 13 minutes
Bash Just Bash
Bash Just Bash 27 kun oldin
Peanut is a legume - it's a bean, that's why it goes well with beef - it's not a nut...
SynTaco 27 kun oldin
George will just straight up lick the griddle in the future episodes
Tom Grant
Tom Grant 27 kun oldin
i love this show, but i would love a 'bleeped' version that doesn't include chewing sounds #misophonia
LuminousMongoose 28 kun oldin
Awesome, makes me almost wish I lived in America
nicocrank 29 kun oldin
i love his show !!
sam 29 kun oldin
I just don't believe in those mmmm's for that peanut butter burger 🤮
Hannah Mattox
Hannah Mattox 29 kun oldin
We have a Dairy Kream in my town, where you can walk up and get all of the old school burger walk-up places, like burgers and milkshakes. They do not disappoint.
Michael Claville
NOBODY!!! wants to hear somebody alls eat !!
sbodi4d Oy oldin
Did you just say LA invented chili??? Chili has been in Texas since before there was an LA!!! At least we know NOT to take a bite of a burger fresh off the griddle! Love the videos George, never stop... Oh yeah, get rid of the fat guy.
matt morri
matt morri Oy oldin
You should come to the Little Rocket in Farmville, NC! Walk up burger and hot dog joint. Last one around!!!
Jose Paul Salas
Motz you need your own show, you’re the goat
Roque Peña
Roque Peña Oy oldin
im from the North of Mexico, and Bacon and avocado are the bread and butter of the burguers here... besides the bread... and sometimes Butter
Paul Wagner
Paul Wagner Oy oldin
After band trips in college, (University of Arkansas), we would be served sandwiches. There were always pimento cheese sandwiches left. I should have tried it.
SOLO Ace Oy oldin
LA did not invent chili haha it was made from Mexican hose wife's that had to work and didn't have time to cook so they left it in a pot all day on a low heat
VwDetour420 Oy oldin
listening to him give garbled mhhhmmmm's while eating is fucking insufferable. bloody shame its a recurring bit on this show.
melon patch
melon patch Oy oldin
Peanut butter burger reminded me of this place called killer burger that has a pickle peanut butter burger.
Andrew Morin
Andrew Morin Oy oldin
I cannot think of one reason I would not watch George everyday.
Jeff Lemere
Jeff Lemere Oy oldin
I am reasonably curious; is it plausible to do the cook burger patty with cheese then chili and finally the hot dog?
El observador observante 1
Joe Biden and 270 vegans disliked this video.
AJ Ferrara
AJ Ferrara Oy oldin
Everyone laughed at my peanut butter and pickle sandwich. Well who's laughing now?
Aniruddha Datta
The Chilli cheese dog combo screams "Murica"
Jacob Moran
Jacob Moran Oy oldin
How hot is that flat top?
A Nonny’s Moose
Bacon avo burgers are enjoyed where I’m from up north, but I’ll definitely have to try those bacon rounds!!
Dioberne Oy oldin
Is there a correct way to hold and eat a burger? Does it depend on the burger?
mgi 12321
mgi 12321 Oy oldin
Of course the avocado burger was from California!
Yassine H Eltawil
are you vegan???
Nater Tater
Nater Tater Oy oldin
I am in Idaho, we have avocado on everything here.
Mario Alvarez Diaz
Im from the north part of Mexico, and the burguers always have aguacate (avocado), is almost a rule. I dont know if in the center and south of Mexico is the same thing. Saludos, Im a burger enthusiast.
Pat Oy oldin
salty balls got me good dude
Kyle Cocciante
When you eat the Combo and fart, i thought of pulling a Showa Godzilla and making a fart powerful enough to fly me home
Kyle Cocciante
For some reason, when i heard "Oily Nuts" I laughed a little, but for a totally different thing than peanuts
Kithid Oy oldin
These clips are amazing and entertaining. Make him come back for more. :)
Kirby McKibben
"LA invented chilli." lol no....
Awesome Food 어썸푸드
really tasty burger! 😍👍
reeffeeder Oy oldin
If you licked the walls in this place it would taste like burgers
DasObscure Oy oldin
Watching this guy ADHD all over the place is relatable, and funny - until a certain point. After that point, I really start to understand why people always thought I'm annoying...
Marshall Akewood
You’re such a fucking dumbass.
Joseph H. Seidita
Got to try the goober bugger. ? Why don't you weigh 300lbs.? All those buggers got to do something to you.
85ddrummer Oy oldin
He reminds me of Aaron Franklin
BlankMinds Oy oldin
Lol. He had me at oily nutz!
Erich Bachman
Erich Bachman Oy oldin
Watching this, eating my inferior dinner, being jelly of you burgers xD.
Donovan Struthers
Which came first, the Guber burger from The Wheel Inn.. or the Duane Purvis burger from Triple XXX in West Lafayette, Indiana?
mmm, green chile on that combo burger
Pete Rain
Pete Rain Oy oldin
Please don't give this man a lav mic again. His slurping burgers is vile.
Kristie Nehme
Kristie Nehme Oy oldin
Execs Kokomo
Kristie Nehme
Kristie Nehme Oy oldin
Bellamarie Parker
George is pretty amazing.🙌🏼🌹🙌🏼
Kyle Oy oldin
Bring back the smashula!!!
Sam Blankenhorn
Peanut butter, bacon, fresh(not pickled) jalapeño, and a mild cheese, is the best burger topping combo there is.
Ryan Bohn
Ryan Bohn Oy oldin
LA invented the "chili burger" not chili on it's own for those who are wondering
Jeff Kaesberg
Jeff Kaesberg Oy oldin
If you are ever in Orlando (Metro West), go to Teak Neighborhood Grill, they have several awesome and creative burgers.
Thothunter Swift
Whats that title sonnggg ?????!!!
Ethan Caldwell
I learn so much watching these videos, but the ASMR of listening as Motz sucks down a burger makes me uncomfortable...
An Võ
An Võ Oy oldin
It sounds stupid... But peanut butter and pickle sandwick tastes really good XD
Jamie Summers
Jamie Summers Oy oldin
Trisha Paytas should be on Hot Ones! Or at least on First We Feast somewhere! I WANT TO SEE TRISHA PAYTAS!
Crème Oy oldin
this show has just devolved into George burning his mouth
antonthewall Oy oldin
Nick Solares would have decreed the beef flavor profound
GreySlasher63 Oy oldin
George is like the 3rd unspoken brother of Rhett and Link.
Shivam Dabral
Shivam Dabral Oy oldin
I've been binging on these burger episodes, now the burger scholar. It's 6:30 in the morning. I'm an indian, and a hindu. I've never had a hamburger... But this dude could be talking about shovelling shit and I'd watch ...
Draon029 Oy oldin
I don't like burgers often, but I love watching you make these.
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