How to Cook 2 Regional Fast-Food Burgers with George Motz | Burger Scholar Sessions 

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Burger Scholar George Motz is taking you on a ride through regional American fast-food burger history! A lot of the big, commercial fast-food places have given the hamburger a bad wrap. Which is why George wants to set the record straight and show you two family-owned, hyper-regional burger chains that still do it right-Swensons in Ohio, and Fat Mo's in Tennessee. These beloved burgers are highly unique, and take a few twists and turns to get to the finished product. Swenson's "Galley Boy" burger uses both barbecue and tartar sauce. Meanwhile, the "Double Mo" burger from Fat Mo's incorporates a secret 18-spice Persian marinade. In the words of George, "These places are proof that you don't have to sell out to be a success!"

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1-Mar, 2021



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First We Feast
First We Feast 3 oy oldin
Regional fast-food burgers!? *LET'S DO THIS*
Hulk Smash
Hulk Smash 9 kun oldin
Ballistic Burgers attacked George recently and said he swiped the recipe from some lady online.
Justice Shadow
@Work Shop pretty sure that's 4th of July. or any summer-ish holiday...
Work Shop
Work Shop Oy oldin
what about a burger day, burger fans from around the world all show up to a park, tons of grills, flat tops, generators to grill tops, fire pits.. and people have a burger day
DragDen 2 oy oldin
There not crazy unique but its a hidden classic. Would love to see him do something from a little burger joint in North East Kansas named "Vista Burger" plus not to fair from there is a great little slider place named "Cozy Inn" that in sure he would enjoy.
Masked Badass
Masked Badass 2 oy oldin
1:16 Dude what?! Since when are white castle burgers that thick? Can you get them like that only in certain locations in Ohio maybe?
Toxbox Devel
Toxbox Devel Kun oldin
The magic of going from a scraper to tongs 9:06
Cameron Reese
Cameron Reese Kun oldin
Just discovered this tonight and I love it. Makes me want to open a burger joint lol
fizzzz2 2 kun oldin
The galleyboy isnt good. But the rest of the burgers are great
Luke Watson
Luke Watson 3 kun oldin
Swensons is so good, the sauce that they put on that burger + if you pair it with coleslaw. It’s one of the best burgers I’ve ever had
Liam Hammond
Liam Hammond 3 kun oldin
Anyone else from north east ohio/cleveland area and immediately got excited by the thumbnail
Ry Donohoe
Ry Donohoe 5 kun oldin
Better than Swensons, from Ohio, Crabills in Urbana Ohio. Slider style, German (stadium) style mustard made in house, onions, relish, (cheese if you wish). Only added ketchup in (late 80’s or 90’s I think. Never had ketchup on one)
musomannz 5 kun oldin
400+ thumbs down people with no life, no sense of humour, or love and appreciation for burgers.
Michael Elizondo
Michael Elizondo 6 kun oldin
Just finished eating at Swenson’s. I live on the West Coast so when my adventures took me to Pittsburgh, I knew I was going to have to drive about 100 minutes to try a Galley Boy. It’s amazing! Thank you, George. I’ve also had the Solly’s Butterburger and the Plazaburger thanks to you.
Angelo Crisostomo
Angelo Crisostomo 7 kun oldin
Noor Fahad
Noor Fahad 9 kun oldin
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Lydia 10 kun oldin
I just love George and his energy! Unmatched
lindsayoakes 12 kun oldin
I wonder if his daughter is called Patty
MrFatbard 13 kun oldin
wish we had some burger places in the west that had some unique flavor, oh well there are some great mexican places that have amazing burgers :)
iliaflamingo 14 kun oldin
Oh my god, I've just cooked the Galley Boy. That thing is just f****n delicious! Thank you so much for this recipe, George.
sirgaz 14 kun oldin
"they use a secret blend of 18 spices from Persia" (goes downstairs, picks up a bottle of Persian meat spice) Well I'm up to 15 spices, only 3 to go.
Back Alley Radio
Back Alley Radio 15 kun oldin
I love Swensons. I have 2 locations real close by. Galley Boy is my favorite burger!!!!
Tiffany Cargile
Tiffany Cargile 15 kun oldin
Ohio is not the home of White Castle, it began at 110 W 1st St in Wichita, Kansas in 1916
Joe Golden
Joe Golden 16 kun oldin
Swenson's isn't bad at all. Only bad thing I can say is their buns were left on the flattop too long
Mezo MD
Mezo MD 18 kun oldin
9:07: Places burger in marinade with spatula. Cuts to placing burger in with tongs. This is the true secret at Mo's.
adam Dunning
adam Dunning 20 kun oldin
Dude I love these videos
Grant Jackson
Grant Jackson 21 kun oldin
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Bulldog 21 kun oldin
George if you like drive ins, we have 3 in a 20 mile radius here in Wisconsin, Ardy n Ed's (oshkosh), Gilles (Fond du Lac) and an A&W that still is drive in only in Fond du lac as well. Ardy n Ed's has their staff on roller skates.
Zach Brown
Zach Brown 22 kun oldin
I thought White Castle was from Kansas.
Annemarie Reg
Annemarie Reg 23 kun oldin
Nice video
terrabus1 23 kun oldin
I have never seen someone burn themselves as much as George burns himself. It's like he just doesn't realize that the thing you cook on is hot and cooking on it entails making things hot.
Lj 24 kun oldin
I think burgers are my favorite food now
Tait Carrillo
Tait Carrillo 24 kun oldin
This fool looks like the mayor of Whoville
Nicholas Lewis
Nicholas Lewis 24 kun oldin
Iran is Persian... but the burger is nice
Mark Ellis
Mark Ellis 24 kun oldin
yes I love them even more now
Poop Master
Poop Master 25 kun oldin
Weird, he puts the patties in the marinade with the scraper only to be zoomed in with tongs? Weird
Bart Brughmans
Bart Brughmans 25 kun oldin
Love the way you keep the history alive. ty. How do you keep a flaptop clean?
Y3TI 26 kun oldin
As an avid lover of burgers, I must make a trip to these places to try these burgers!
Ken Dawa
Ken Dawa 26 kun oldin
I tried watching this with my kids and he started swearing, a lot. Disappointing.
Molly Sw
Molly Sw 26 kun oldin
George Motz makes me want to go vegan. He makes me hate burgers. lol
Panel SixtySix
Panel SixtySix 26 kun oldin
UZblock needs more Motz!
Abhothra 28 kun oldin
Is that sugar added to the *Galley Boy* a clever way of preserving heat in the burger? (Since caramel loses heat slower then the meat would)
Generic Memes
Generic Memes 28 kun oldin
Can we just get a compilation of George burning himself?
Gregory Vourloumis
Gregory Vourloumis 28 kun oldin
Ever episode he burns himself, the vote is old or he suffers from short term memory loss
Metal Works
Metal Works Oy oldin
As a proud North East Ohio boy who grew up down the road from the original Swensons location let me say THANK you!
Realest Negus Alive
Those 18 ingredients are in pretty much all Persian foods
Haydukelivesforever! Somrtimes
I like to flick my bean while you make burgers Giiirrrrlllll
Jo Wolf
Jo Wolf Oy oldin
I love how he just doesn't even mention Sonic (which is also a drive-in). Oh and Moe's isn't owned by the same people anymore as far as I know - and frankly their food (burgers and all their sides) sucks.
djpage7 Oy oldin
So when George does those major smash burger events where he cooks 100-200 burgers, does he burn himself 1,000 times?
Memes Jenkins
Memes Jenkins Oy oldin
When will george review Mr. beast burgers?
ROKY Oy oldin
update from my first comment: tried the galley boy. literally the best burger ive ever had. delicious.
Hammer Anvil
Hammer Anvil Oy oldin
Too much execrations and i quess alcohol . Booo
Daniel Boyd Atchison
I want to love my wife as much as George loves burgers
KoopaBlue Oy oldin
Swenson's is out of this world. Top 5 quick service burger ez
douglas becker
“I never fuckin learn”, after he’s burned himself a trillion and one times.
Hello Oy oldin
Born sinner
Born sinner Oy oldin
More of this man please he’s a legend
Alex P
Alex P Oy oldin
I live like 5 minutes from Fat Mo's here in Nashville, love it! So cool you did their burger
FightingDopamine Levels
That sugar part made me go insane, I've graded 1/2nd onion and made 2 graded onion patties, made 2 meatbals 75 gram ea flattened them abit and placed the grated onion pattie on top to then smash them in the stainless skillet. The maillard reaction went insane! Caramelized onions and Beef only problem is that the skilled did not like it but the burgers where worth!
John Hamm
John Hamm Oy oldin
Galley boy 🤤
Jj Oy oldin
Christopher R Seay
how do we get that griddle
Chaos Oy oldin
You look like sean schemmel if he worked at wal-mart
Matthew 2400000
I watched this video while eating a galley boy, you’re right, this is the pride of NE Ohio. Around here we think this is one of the best burgers anywhere.
z1g2012 Oy oldin
"So now you have...ow shit" - ROFL
Károly Zieber
I didn’t know Johnny Knoxville is into burgers!😀
Dylan BlackCloud
7:40 thought he said “human”
Easypeck Oy oldin
If anyone ever goes to North East Ohio, I can't reccommend Swensons enough.
Giant Asian sticker
Steamed hams
john zarotiadis
Uncletaco supreme
Saffron cuz? For real?... the most expensive marinade ever!
Alien Mozart
Alien Mozart Oy oldin
It drives me crazy how much I love a good burger.. LOVE. Yet respect vegans very much, especially when I find out on my own that they are vegans.
I wish he had a channel. Love this dude
TechNickL Oy oldin
I love how a lot of places in America have their family-owned affordable high-quality burger chains. In-n-out is the most famous but these two, plus Dick's in WA. There's gotta be more.
MikeHartsough Oy oldin
Is there a map with all the best regional burger joints highlighted? Thinking a summer long road trip hitting a couple places a day would make for a great bucket list item.
Dear George, First of all I love watching you keeping the history of the burger intact. I have seen so many different kind of burger combinations from watching your show. I would love to see how you feel about this small burger chain called The Counter. They have a few quite a few locations in California. This is a place where you can create and invent your own burger. Different kinds of meats, cheeses, condiments, even buns. You would probably feel like a kid in a candy store.
Silke F
Silke F 2 oy oldin
Nice Channel, Johnny Knoxville!!!!
Damon Facio
Damon Facio 2 oy oldin
When you ganna do the chop cheese
Suffer Fools
Suffer Fools 2 oy oldin
That living room has to reek of grease and burgers, lol
Moonflare 2 oy oldin
What is that grill he uses yall? I want to cook burgers like this
Suvir Sinha
Suvir Sinha 2 oy oldin
9:02 Not only does he know everything there is to know about burgers, but he can transform a spatula into a pair of tongs in an instant!
Filosofikuningas 2 oy oldin
What flat top are you using / what (kind of) flat top would you recommend?
Spiidi 2 oy oldin
He looks soo much like Devon Larrat the Armwrestler.
William Nelson
William Nelson 2 oy oldin
Now, more about that big ass jar of pickles on your table, yo. Love me some pickles.
Artifex_ 2 oy oldin
First time I've watched a full video through in a while 😊
Niarbeht 2 oy oldin
Blurs the finger, leaves in the "Where's my fuckin' spatula?"
Tragedyking 2 oy oldin
Sorry, ive had swensons. Not great.
TOSHiba Laptops
TOSHiba Laptops 2 oy oldin
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MtnD0 2 oy oldin
This is what happens when Stryker puts MSG into Wolverine instead of Adamantium
Hong Tse
Hong Tse 2 oy oldin
9:02 spatula, tongs, spatula, tongs xD
lehi black
lehi black 2 oy oldin
Dude I appreciate your knowledge and vision and mission so much!!
not today
not today 2 oy oldin
The Fat Mo's with the marinade seems like a nice burger to try out. I would try and make a marinde with what I have in spices. Never heard of Sumac, Saffron too expensive, Cardamom, Mace similiar to Nutmeg , won't even try to locate crushed Rose Petals. Will skip the dried mint also since I don't have it on hand. With all due respect to the Burger Scholar, I think the beef broth should be included as a seasoning and counted somehow.
Robot Rock
Robot Rock 2 oy oldin
That Fat Mo's burger is calling to me. I never had Fat Mo's (yet) but the idea of a Persian spice marinade burger is h e a v e n l y
lv_OwO_vl 2 oy oldin
Those tomatoes are... Too red.
Sam 2 oy oldin
picks up patty with spatula, spatula magicly becomes tongs when he is putting them down.
im4broke 2 oy oldin
Absolutely love your videos! I don't know if you ever did anything on Nu-way Hotdogs, but here in Macon, GA (dating back to 1916) they make some really good smashed burgers. The original store burned down about five years ago...not sure they are rebuilding it, locally they have a chain of stores. My favorite is the chili burger with some onions.
BananaClipse 2 oy oldin
9:01 stunt double pair of tongs, lol.
DEATHWINGS5000 2 oy oldin
Everyone from akron knows Bob's hamburg, the second place burger is a better galley boy 👌🏽
Aaron Wesley
Aaron Wesley 2 oy oldin
So i finally got some time to make the Fat Mo's burger at home , i created a spice rub using all of the spices directed with the broth and i can honestly say from cooking it myself it was the best smashburger iv'e ever had in my life and that is the way i'm going to make them from now on , thanks for the kick ass recipe George you are the best !!!
Lockman Cyrus
Lockman Cyrus 2 oy oldin
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MaskedReaper9 2 oy oldin
As of Winter 2020, Swenson's has gone down hill. The burgers we got were dry and overall lacking...
When is he gotta get some heatproof gloves, man
Finite Tuning
Finite Tuning 2 oy oldin
Wait a minute, you asked how many people about the ingredients and not a single one mentioned SALT or GARLIC? Are you sure these were actual living and breathing people that you asked?
Vassy V
Vassy V 2 oy oldin
I like the energy and basically the whole thing including a lot of the kinda bloopers being left in like repeating a few times when it was hot. But honestly at some point it does feel like it's just a waste of time when there's a lot of bloopers as part of the show itself, like maybe after a total of like 30 seconds or really just a time that feels like it's funny, but not taking away from the rest of the show is reached maybe look at all the bloopers keep the best ones in and once you hit that time quota just put all the rest at the very end as a blooper reel so it's skippable without missing the show for people that don't want to spend a significant percentage of the shows runtime watching mess ups and can't skip because they might miss important information and if you're like me you'll try to skip like 10 seconds of bloopers, then then think I went to far then trying to pinpoint it exactly to skip 10 seconds has actually been like 30 to 45 seconds of time spent trying to just find a good point to skip 10 seconds. Also the editing IDK what it's called when it looks all choppy like cutting out a second or sorta like starting the camera rolling, then stopping it, repositioning the actor or camera then restarting it? I'm sure it's just removing a bit in the middle during editing, but to me it felt kinda overboard. Like I was having a hard time even focusing because during some moments it felt like I was watching a let's play of Doom Eternal. I mean that's all just opinions though, I'm sure a lot of people probably like having tons of choppy scenes because maybe it draws attention and helps keep them engaged IDK. Just not my thing personally. Same for the bloopers, it adds a sense of friendliness and humanity to it, but it felt a bit much and drawn out to me. Anyway nitpicking aside, excellent show! No way would I be able to make a show about burgers this good myself. I'm probably going to be binge watching for a few days and then trying some of these recipes out myself.
Ricardo Medina
Ricardo Medina 2 oy oldin
Nice channel bro.
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