Elizabeth Olsen Feels Brave While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones 

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Elizabeth Olsen is an actress whose work includes everything from the theater, to acclaimed indies like Wind River and Ingrid Goes West, to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the megahit show WandaVision, which is currently streaming on Disney+. But how is she with spicy food? Find out as Olsen takes on the wings of death and discusses WandaVision easter eggs, Comic-Con, the definition of “stan,” and much more!






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17-Iyn, 2021



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First We Feast
Which actors from the MCU do you want to see on Hot Ones next?
Morpheus 4 kun oldin
Sebastian Stan and Tom Hiddleston
williamDF 15 kun oldin
Florence Pugh
Mary Ellen Boucher
Mary Ellen Boucher 21 kun oldin
Fucking scarlet please
abby yates
abby yates 28 kun oldin
Tom Hiddleston
Rachel Reed
Rachel Reed Oy oldin
Dave Bautista!
Eunice 41 daqiqa oldin
This is how many people wants to see Alycia Debnam-Carey here.
Rehana Dinmahamad
Rehana Dinmahamad 2 soat oldin
She had such a wholesome laugh, I love her 🥰💛
Six Winged Phoenix Wolf
She powered through the last dab easier than Sean himself. How is it possible?
Blashswanski 4 soat oldin
She has the voice of a hard-nosed academic geomorphologist who works in Alaska and north-western Canada... like she got tenure at Fairbanks a couple of years ago.
Rehani MBN
Rehani MBN 6 soat oldin
She was soo nervous
FalseCode 7 soat oldin
She did freaking awesome! I remember seeing someone do all the sauces and they were bitching throughout but she was tough as nails!
Monique King
Monique King 8 soat oldin
She did really well, nice!
Joey sheiner
Joey sheiner 9 soat oldin
I love this woman
MelancholicThug 10 soat oldin
She was so good in Ingrid Goes West. Great interview.
hardfugoo 10 soat oldin
She’s just a likeable gal. Seems like there’s a little fun crazy in there but it’s endearing 😂
Ann Insong
Ann Insong 11 soat oldin
She is so chill. She ate it like a pro. ❤️
Sabrina Lee
Sabrina Lee 11 soat oldin
I hate to be superficial but she is gorgeous! Her face is unique and recognizable, she's meant to be an actress
Ashwin Nair
Ashwin Nair 12 soat oldin
Her voice!!
Layza Helena
Layza Helena 15 soat oldin
Her voice dude...
issaciams 17 soat oldin
How come different guests have different max spice levels? Like some guests have a spice that is 2 million Scoville and others only have up to 600k? Is that to make everyone a "winner"? Lol
Iam not Scary
Iam not Scary 18 soat oldin
my love❤
Shanaynai HoHayHay
Shanaynai HoHayHay 20 soat oldin
What a lovely person!!!
Julio Hernandez
Julio Hernandez 21 soat oldin
Dang when you don’t have billions like your siblings and have to resort to putting things in your mouth to be on screen and also spicy sauces.
dr. phylisphical
dr. phylisphical 11 soat oldin
Drink some water
Emily Verissimo
Emily Verissimo Kun oldin
Tom Holland and Tom Hiddleston PLEASE 🔥
j c
j c Kun oldin
her voice sounds like another actor. i cant figure out who though.
Kyle Pointer
Kyle Pointer Kun oldin
What a beautiful, eloquent and down-to-Earth woman. She is very prim, proper and well-spoken. But it doesn't come across as fake like it does with other people for whom you can tell it is not natural and they have to actively try to keep up the façade. She is a great actor and a strong woman. Can't wait to see what she does next! Oh...and she absolutely HANDLED those wings. Super impressive.
Praveen Gasti
Praveen Gasti Kun oldin
Airdrin Rose Lopez
quieness Kun oldin
At the end she kinda looks like high on sauce xDD
Myles Deep
Myles Deep Kun oldin
She gives me that feeling of condescension if you were to ever see her in person.
Meghana Kankara
Meghana Kankara Kun oldin
she seems very english
Liam Magerr
Liam Magerr Kun oldin
This was pretty unexciting
Jeh Ndb
Jeh Ndb Kun oldin
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Manchester Tech Guy
She wasn't fazed at all, but I feel that she should have devoured the whole wing each time. Probably wouldn't have made a difference
JoeyKnow ItAll
JoeyKnow ItAll Kun oldin
She has a trained pallet and seems to be a person of strong control of her reactions to things, and is definitely intelligent as well.
jjmcwill Kun oldin
I didnt realize until now that the Wanda Vison lady was an olsen twin. Interesting.
Melina K
Melina K Kun oldin
Little sister of the twins, not one of them
Gabrielle Rose
Gabrielle Rose 2 kun oldin
i love lizzie so much
peaceout1010 2 kun oldin
Chris and Luke Evans
Buck Necked
Buck Necked 2 kun oldin
Hot Ones should have her sisters Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen on the show. Instead of chicken wings it would have to be Ice cubes with hot sauce on them. Anything else would have to many calories.
Slow DK
Slow DK 2 kun oldin
Dang a tang shes tough...makes some of the guys look like true panzies💯🤙
Cailin Slowik
Cailin Slowik 2 kun oldin
omg miss loml
Stan Xavier
Stan Xavier 2 kun oldin
She's the type of girl that every guy dream of. Love everything about her. Chris as usual you're the GOAT of interviewer. Sorry for my bad English 😆
Wes Foster
Wes Foster 2 kun oldin
E.O. is just awesome! You can't help but love her. She's a great actress and a human being. She got hosed by the MCU and she deserved a better story in Endgame.
Michał Kokociński
Watch this episode with Elizabeth Olsen and then watch the episode with DJ Khaled. I wonder what are your thoughts :D
Brigitte G
Brigitte G 2 kun oldin
All her hand movements are so funny and her mannerisms are so mom-like, she is adorable lol
Ahmer Khan
Ahmer Khan 2 kun oldin
she took it like it was nothing wth
Eugene CZZ
Eugene CZZ 2 kun oldin
i never realised how similiar her voice is to Selena Gomez. Like if you close your eyes, she really does sound like her
spicy pisces
spicy pisces 3 kun oldin
Mr Cootes
Mr Cootes 3 kun oldin
Billy eilishs "im not your friend" song is the impedemy of da bomb hot sauce.
harry virguez
harry virguez 3 kun oldin
She¨s the kind of person that doesn¨t like to be part of a huge crowd things, she likes to be with few people and nothing more !!!
dogma_ 3 kun oldin
“Scarlett Witch feels brave eating spicy wings, accidentally traps studio in another sitcom (shit.)”
Revan 3 kun oldin
Loved this Episode! But we NEED a Tom Holland one. Make it happen Sean!!!!
Revan 3 kun oldin
Man I love Elizabeth Olsen of course and all the other people they have on Hot Ones. But man every single episode I always find myself blown away by Sean. He really has to be one of the best interviewers ever and he takes so much time to learn about the people, learn their backgrounds, skills, fun facts ect. He really amazes me with his questions because its things other interviews are either too scared to ask or didn't do enough research to ask. Can we just get some appreciation for this man and all the effort he puts into these?
Emma Lervold
Emma Lervold 3 kun oldin
You can totally see that he has a crush on her, super cute 😂😍
Grich L
Grich L 3 kun oldin
Yeah, if I could be a tenth as composed as Elizabeth Olsen at literally any time for any reason, I'd probably be a million times happier and a millionaire.
natasha white
natasha white 3 kun oldin
she just went in like 'oh this is fine.' after everyone loses their literal minds. SCARLET WITCH AINT PLAYIN YALL
Reece Metallica
Reece Metallica 3 kun oldin
Ffs Elizabeth fair play
Daniel Kamiński
Daniel Kamiński 3 kun oldin
i'd like to watch Mike Chen of Strictly Dumpling eating those, not a large celebrity but you hosted MKBHD anyway
PRAKHAR JOHRI 3 kun oldin
She is so boring 😴🙄
Oakley ,
Oakley , 3 kun oldin
I mean she took tiny bites apart from one chicken wing! Everyone else ate the whole wing!
Daniel Gal
Daniel Gal 3 kun oldin
You need to invite Marc Gebauer into Hot Ones!!! He is really the best in eating hot sauces in Germany.
DaNickyAngel 3 kun oldin
I love how all the big strong men were crying and going insane and she kept it so cool the entire time.:D
K R 3 kun oldin
"Tell the people what you've got going on"... I enjoy it when it's not somebody with internet-created fame. Nothing really to plug and not caught up in "go check out my/see me at/visit me @ www/etc."
Clint Williams
Clint Williams 4 kun oldin
Apparently this was uploaded on my mom's birthday and her name is also Elizabeth. Does this mean i'm a Full House fan, once removed, in an alternate reality?
shizelfizengar 4 kun oldin
This is scary
MamaLovesMakeup 4 kun oldin
You need a mexican so I can know for sure if those wings are spicy or not lol *coof coof Salma Hayek coof coof*
MaCBaGie ;
MaCBaGie ; 4 kun oldin
4:29 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Darnese Bell
Darnese Bell 4 kun oldin
Olson is either super cute or super hot
dC_Furious 4 kun oldin
I strongly belive she needs to have a spoonfull of the last dab, because she destoryed that challange completley.
Carlos Barahona
Carlos Barahona 4 kun oldin
I love her!! so much... she's just so down to earth, funny, just an amazing human being... super talented, and I mean... for us nerds... SCARLET WITCH!! (among other movies of course... don't want to encapsulate her into that role forever and ever... but I mean... she's done an amazing job for Marvel movies...)
James In Philly
James In Philly 4 kun oldin
Ag21 4 kun oldin
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Squalawohedron 4 kun oldin
Was she even putting any sauce on?
Lilly Fuller
Lilly Fuller 4 kun oldin
he is one of the best interviewers i’ve come across, i just love his style. he’s so engaged and respectful and has original questions
sierra 4 kun oldin
holy cow she did phenomenal
Mike M
Mike M 4 kun oldin
The best of the Olsen sisters
Enrico Evangelish
Enrico Evangelish 4 kun oldin
What the heck, Elizabeth?! You took them like they were nothing! Fabulous!
Ferlan Lebrado
Ferlan Lebrado 4 kun oldin
This video just made me smile the entire time. Lol. Subscribed!
Deji Burner
Deji Burner 5 kun oldin
She really is an Avenger
tom holland
David Cipriano
David Cipriano 5 kun oldin
i can't believe she is married :(
EY 5 kun oldin
Next time, ask her who the strongest Avenger is! 💪
Kendall love Salinas
Bye because I love I saw the light so much. It's so good.
Kevin Handal
Kevin Handal 5 kun oldin
bro she ate these like a fucking champ absolute queen
sweets 5 kun oldin
Super cool 😎
Patrick Wayne
Patrick Wayne 5 kun oldin
Elizabeth Olsen ASMR career when???
Derik Damhoff
Derik Damhoff 5 kun oldin
get spice king on
lea cali
lea cali 5 kun oldin
We need G eazy on the show !!!!!
Exsidus 4469
Exsidus 4469 5 kun oldin
Has any one ever asked him how does he preps for these interviews? I just feel like the host just gives him a list of questions they already have an answer for..
manuel sanchez
manuel sanchez 5 kun oldin
She's so lovely..
rabooey 6 kun oldin
Dislike until they stop torturing their guests that Atomic Bomb bullshit. No problem with HOT sauce, BIG problem with SHIT and that SHIT tastes like SHIT and they been using it since season fucking one.
LeAngelo Barnes
LeAngelo Barnes 6 kun oldin
Almost everyone has the same response to the DABomb.
LeAngelo Barnes
LeAngelo Barnes 6 kun oldin
Great fun fact about Sean revealed him auditioning for TRL
LeAngelo Barnes
LeAngelo Barnes 6 kun oldin
I feel like she's a little overdressed for an interview of this manner. 🤷🏾‍♂️
Uocor 2.0
Uocor 2.0 6 kun oldin
i would love to see uncle roger on hot ones
Charlynn Clark
Charlynn Clark 6 kun oldin
wethehiddles 6 kun oldin
Okay but when are you having Tom Hiddleston on?? Also I love Lizzie sm she is amazing
Prkwon 6 kun oldin
She fits wanda so well...especially voice is so perfect
V N 6 kun oldin
SB TUA 6 kun oldin
WOW to the Host and Elizabeth , she is such a strong willed woman.
silverxebby 7 kun oldin
I loved this episode and that guitar playing in the background, I love it!
Alexander kimbrell
Alexander kimbrell 7 kun oldin
Hot sauces,hot wings and a hotter actor🔥🔥🔥
Brian Logan
Brian Logan 7 kun oldin
I would crumble with Da Bomb,i thought Steve Austin & Natalie Portman were tough.WOW.All respect to Elizabeth 🔥
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