Ed Sheeran Tries to Avoid Failure While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones 

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Ed Sheeran is a four-time Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter, who has sold more concert tickets and albums than just about any other musician in history. His latest single, "Bad Habits," is out now, and there's a new album on the way. But how is he with spicy food? Find out as Teddy takes on the wings of death and chats about everything from salvaging Eric Clapton's guitar from a fire, to collaborating with Eminem and 50 Cent, to the time he brought Courteney Cox to Tesco. Plus, a very special surprise from Benny Blanco!






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8-Iyl, 2021



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First We Feast
First We Feast 23 kun oldin
Brits have been some of the most iconic Hot Ones guests of all time. Who else do you want to see from across the pond?
Alvin Artha
Alvin Artha 9 kun oldin
Pewdiepie pls
paddynicnack 10 kun oldin
Benedict Cumberbatch.
Michelle VanB
Michelle VanB 23 kun oldin
David Tennant
William Scheuermann
William Scheuermann 23 kun oldin
Henry cavill
Elad Mashiah
Elad Mashiah 23 kun oldin
@Dorian W. I have to agree
Drew Jaques
Drew Jaques 6 daqiqa oldin
Who would you rather see interviewed? Neil Degrasse Tyson or Bill Nye?
Rubel 22 daqiqa oldin
11:00 a new case for Sherlock Holmes
Chaunique Martinez
Chaunique Martinez 3 soat oldin
I love Ed he is so down to earth
User 21
User 21 4 soat oldin
Loved this ! It would be AMAZING if you did this show with The Rock. I’m unsure how the process is to get people on, but please consider !! I would also like to see Aboogie, Khalid or Taylor Swift:)
Hey Im Quin
Hey Im Quin 5 soat oldin
I wanna see Megan The Stallion or Cardi B on here even Nicki Minaj
Cuckoo-Clock Heart
Cuckoo-Clock Heart 6 soat oldin
I fucking love Ed
Titanoverlord13 7 soat oldin
You should do ksi or the sidemen
Javi del Val
Javi del Val 8 soat oldin
ED DIDN'T EVEN HESITATE TO CHANGE THE WINGS LMFAO FINALLY SOMEONE WHO DOES IT it's the first thing i'd do, you can tell they're similar but sean's are DEFINITELY milder cuz he's never been this altered before
Javi del Val
Javi del Val 8 soat oldin
dude sean really does have the best questions
Luke 9 soat oldin
Very likeable dude
Red Brick Dust
Red Brick Dust 14 soat oldin
His reaction to the C word was classic American 😁😁
Joel O
Joel O 15 soat oldin
Dave Grohl, Billie joe Armstrong, rivers cuomo.
Dustin 15 soat oldin
It's so nice to see rich people suffering for some reason. No offense Ed.
mickypure 17 soat oldin
10:13 he peed
Clare Bearr
Clare Bearr 20 soat oldin
I think John Oliver would be fun.
kshaur13 21 soat oldin
Sean's definitely reacting more than usual after Ed switched the wings. You can hear it in his voice
Team CYBR 14 soat oldin
Ed's cleaning the wings, which means Sean is too. He always matches the guests, most of em don't clean
Roli Bisariya
Roli Bisariya Kun oldin
What is that on his left eye?
PASB19 Kun oldin
Henry Cavill please.
SHould TrY aNd GeT Chris webby!
•Barracuda• Kun oldin
That sampled beat at the end was legendary
Hayley Kun oldin
I could see harry styles doing this show.
Spencer Naorem
Spencer Naorem Kun oldin
R you guys sure this is Ed
MarlonJoseGE Kun oldin
Ed should write a song about Benny peeing in the hot tub...LoL!!!
DuoMax Kun oldin
get timthetatman
Roystone2 Kun oldin
Maybe get Robert Pattinson on the show? His career is getting more and more interesting.
HiGhBaLL Kun oldin
Sean seemed to struggle a bit more towards the end then usual. Was nice to see him be human! ;)
HiGhBaLL Kun oldin
The piss story killed me! HAHAHA!
PrimoRep Dick
PrimoRep Dick Kun oldin
Barack Obama would be nice lmao maybe im just high as fuck
Mariah Youngblood
Mariah Youngblood 2 kun oldin
Get Lil Uzi vert
Noah Barnett
Noah Barnett 2 kun oldin
Michel Seraphin
Michel Seraphin 2 kun oldin
taylor swift
Anthony Boston
Anthony Boston 2 kun oldin
Liam Rotering
Liam Rotering 2 kun oldin
Ringo fucking star plz
shottingham 2 kun oldin
So many top comments talking about other people that should be on Hot Ones, but totally disregarding the fact that Ed is a pretty fucking chill guy. Always comes across humble af.
Señorita Bolognesa
Matlhodi Marcia Letimela
Lorde did it with a straight face 😂
Jannah Perkins
Jannah Perkins 2 kun oldin
I need Zendaya, Angelina Jolie, Cameron Diaz, Amy Poehler and Brad Pitt please
Bella Estrella***17
I like when he uses profanity lol , it’s his accent❗️😁
Arturs Dāvids
Arturs Dāvids 2 kun oldin
Any decade. haha.... good one. :D
TurnoverAce6 2 kun oldin
Woud love to se the dudes from wolf tick videos on the show.
Athul Raimon
Athul Raimon 2 kun oldin
where is his eyebrows
FlourishWitherDie 2 kun oldin
The spice I can handle, but I can't understand why people like chicken wings. Greasy, stringy and mostly skin and bone. Gross.
Irv A
Irv A 3 kun oldin
That was fire man I missed the in studio episodes
Adore Jas
Adore Jas 3 kun oldin
I love Ed Sheeran he’s so sweet
Eileen M
Eileen M 3 kun oldin
Shout out to Buffalo 🦬 Home of the wing
lucy cripps
lucy cripps 3 kun oldin
get prince harry on
lucy cripps
lucy cripps 3 kun oldin
get steve harvey on
Theo Dorian
Theo Dorian 3 kun oldin
Idk where we are supposed for recommendations on guest but I would really like to see norm Macdonald on this show
Theo Dorian
Theo Dorian 3 kun oldin
Also Adele…
mortdeus 3 kun oldin
FYI putting two tables in front of you isn't going to lower your chance of catching covid. (especially if you test the guests before hand) And i seriously think the #1 country in the world is already adequately "socially distanced".
Alireza Rahimi
Alireza Rahimi 3 kun oldin
&&& Jon Hamm, Jimmy Kimmel, Conan, Zach Galifianakis &&&
Shonda SheWrites
Shonda SheWrites 3 kun oldin
Thing I love most about this show is that it doesn't matter how big of a star you are those hot sauces are a leveler. It will bring the human out of you no matter how hard you try to keep it back!
Cece Montemayor
Cece Montemayor 3 kun oldin
Ed is such an easy going dude! He was so comfortable and chill. Alsooo, Sean did it again, got the “That’s an interesting question” , Hell yeah!
Lloyd Bradly
Lloyd Bradly 3 kun oldin
What's that restaurant name, Gera? It didn't turn up online
Sara Elisabeth
Sara Elisabeth 3 kun oldin
Andrew Williams
Andrew Williams 3 kun oldin
Cecilia Hernandez
Cecilia Hernandez 3 kun oldin
OMG BTS in this show, it will be so much chaos
Voltaron 4 kun oldin
Imagine Having Morgan Freeman on the show 🙃
Sharif Lol
Sharif Lol 4 kun oldin
Apsolon 4 kun oldin
Squish 4 kun oldin
I wonder if this is bad for the vocal chords. Also, Jamie Foxx takes credit for a gig in LA and putting him up in his place for weeks (in a Graham Norton Show interview, I think) and Ed didn't even mention him.
Veronica M
Veronica M 2 kun oldin
Because the gig Ed mentioned was the reason why he later got invited to perform at The Foxxhole and stayed on the couch at with Jamie Foxx's house for a few days, not weeks, (Ed wasn't even in the usa for that long lol) Jamie was just storytelling and/or maybe couldn't remember that far back in 2010 lol
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon 4 kun oldin
After Ed swapped, Sean struggled more than EVER!!! They put more sauce on the contestants wings than Seans clearly!
Naz sunny
Naz sunny 4 kun oldin
I wanna be friends with Benny
Andrea Cortés Pérez
Get Sia on the show, please!!
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon 4 kun oldin
kivesh budooram
kivesh budooram 4 kun oldin
eds never coming back
miguel barajas
miguel barajas 4 kun oldin
You need to get the Rock D Johnson
Southern Ontario Palms and Tropicals
Ed seems like a great guy. Awesome episode
Ezekiel Torres
Ezekiel Torres 4 kun oldin
Is it just me or he’s left upper eyelid is bleeding?
Veronica M
Veronica M 2 kun oldin
a birthmark
Alex 4 kun oldin
This was nice! Would love to see Louis Tomlinson on the show too!
Ron Cocker
Ron Cocker 4 kun oldin
Good lad!
Nostalgic Mujer
Nostalgic Mujer 4 kun oldin
I got to meet him in 2012 during his VH1 artist you ought to know tour and he was truly a kind guy! His music doesn’t hit for me anymore oops but nice to see he’s still cool and true to himself! Also Benny Blanco is from my hometown and went to my middle and high school before I did
Benjamin Farrar
Benjamin Farrar 4 kun oldin
I'm watching this while eating cocktail shrimp with ghost pepper sauce in the mix whooo!
King Zapp
King Zapp 4 kun oldin
I live in the UK. There is ZERO spice diversity or appetite for spicy food from British people. So listening to Ed say that the "Curries are intense" makes me laugh a very very deep laugh. They are the weakest curries in the world, even at full spicy.
Andre Villalba
Andre Villalba 4 kun oldin
The beat at the end was cool
Renegade 4 kun oldin
Season 16 better be a blast of special guests Ryan Renolds Matt Damon Tom Hiddleston Keanu Reeves Jimmy Fallon The Kid Laroi LeBron James Dwayne Johnson Elizabeth Olsen Sebastian Stan
hyper Sonico
hyper Sonico 5 kun oldin
Legendary 💥
Kevin Jazy
Kevin Jazy 5 kun oldin
Too bad that for like over 90% of all the episodes it's Da Bomb that hits guests the most. So the last 2 sauces are not surprising anymore...
Vinit Sharma
Vinit Sharma 5 kun oldin
Ed is English ?? 😶
Vinit Sharma
Vinit Sharma 4 kun oldin
@DANIEL Nope 😆🤣
DANIEL 4 kun oldin
You didn’t know?
Discover 5 kun oldin
lara jane
lara jane 5 kun oldin
why does ed sheeran have gog energy?
Ola Leśniak
Ola Leśniak 5 kun oldin
What song is at 15:24? anyone??
Kuba Moskal
Kuba Moskal 5 kun oldin
I dont know :(
MrFridaynightclub 5 kun oldin
Stephen Graham -(Boardwalk Empire, The Irishman, This is England) A proper down to earth scouser!
Will Buchanan
Will Buchanan 5 kun oldin
Ed: "has anybody done it with a straight face" Big shaq: ('O')
Slavic Star
Slavic Star 4 kun oldin
Henry Rollins did
Preezy Patel
Preezy Patel 5 kun oldin
Did he lose weight?
Henrietta 5 kun oldin
I want BTS on this show sooo bad!!!
Mike Clements
Mike Clements 5 kun oldin
Ed: What's the rest of day look like? Sean: Well Ed, if you must know, I sit on the throne for hours whining like a small child while my bung-hole smolders in throbbing pain from eating these ridiculously spicy f*cking wings!
brad c
brad c 5 kun oldin
Great interview
Karina Hernandez
Karina Hernandez 5 kun oldin
The obedient richard lovely protect because sociology archaeologically head abaft a garrulous bird. knowledgeable, colossal jute
Omaer 1
Omaer 1 5 kun oldin
Very Nice!
Sarah c
Sarah c 5 kun oldin
The shivering ice byerly trouble because vegetarian temporarily blink over a quickest apple. torpid, warm virgo
Ulisse Paris Artuso
I absolutely want BO BURNHAM on now
Ευγενία Βενετσάνου
I don't know why but I feel like Harry Styles needs to do the hot ones too 🍗
WhosJmc Gaming
WhosJmc Gaming 5 kun oldin
Been a fan of Ed since SBTV along with Devlin, Ghetts, JME. Had them on my BlackBerry Was hoping Sean would bring up the Nando's Skank with Example
Marius Smit
Marius Smit 5 kun oldin
Nice Rolex LOL
T C 6 kun oldin
I'm here for Da Bomb reaction
Yeet 51
Yeet 51 6 kun oldin
After this he's got to make the quadratic equation album
jessesmithmusician 6 kun oldin
Ed just swapped wings.... Sean didn't flinch... He eats Hot as wings every time... MIND BLOWN
Joseph Bastin
Joseph Bastin 6 kun oldin
Cleaned the wings like a badass!
Dorothy Olsen
Dorothy Olsen 6 kun oldin
Do you invite Christie Brinkley and Brits like Brooke Burke???
lydia1234567 6 kun oldin
Love how Sean started pretending the wings were really getting to him after Ed starts sweating hard. Very kind of him lol
kirk vj
kirk vj 6 kun oldin
Man even the bomb He ate the whole thing!
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