A Burger Scholar Teaches His Son How to Make the Perfect Cheeseburger | Burger Scholar Sessions 

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In this very special bonus episode, Burger Scholar George Motz is passing on his burger skills to his 13-year-old son, Mac! That's right. While Mac has had the good fortune of eating his dad's burgers his entire life, he's never actually made one himself. In an effort to raise $50,000 for Common Threads-a non-profit that provides cooking instruction for kids-George will teach his son how to cook his favorite lacy-edge smashburger. Will Mac live up to his dad's expectations? Will he pass the hamburger IQ test!? Tune in to find out.

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5-Apr, 2021



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First We Feast
First We Feast 2 oy oldin
YOU DID IT MAC! Like if you think Mac deserves an Emmy
Uncletaco supreme
I need advice on a good indoor flat. I miss my gas stove and my wife wont let me have one.
Tyler Will
Tyler Will 2 oy oldin
Kid was a natural on camera and entertaining good job!
Trevallo Smooth
Trevallo Smooth 2 oy oldin
A surefire professional on camera
Demon Lord Enmu
Demon Lord Enmu 2 oy oldin
@שחף בן דוד what?
Kevin Weigum
Kevin Weigum 2 oy oldin
Sorry George but is that your son or daughter? Very confusing....
Michael Christensen
9:08 - no need for a paternity test
1IA20_M Mughni Hazazi
kid Mac will become big Mac someday and he is in the right hand
Charlie Warlie
Charlie Warlie 4 kun oldin
E P 5 kun oldin
Does anyone know what size or how many oz that scooper is?
Frostbyte Freeman
Frostbyte Freeman 5 kun oldin
Liz Richardson
Liz Richardson 6 kun oldin
The overly long scientific burger smash speech 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. Golden editing and a nice son to just listen.
TheHat 6 kun oldin
Its not a question of where it grips it, it's a question of weight ratios.
Luis Ibarra
Luis Ibarra 7 kun oldin
That child needs some sunlight
Zach Hanna
Zach Hanna 7 kun oldin
9:07 they both push their hair back the same way at the exact time
Mike Maniaci
Mike Maniaci 8 kun oldin
George needs a haircut
Tommy Estridge
Tommy Estridge 9 kun oldin
Too much banter, too little cooking.
ATG209 9 kun oldin
Mac has social awareness beyond his years. Very funny. Thanks guys.
ShowtimeThaRaptor 10 kun oldin
I wonder if he knows that his son is a homosexual
YOWMS 11 kun oldin
He picked his nose 7:08 😂
zoey maryjane
zoey maryjane 14 kun oldin
kid doesn't know who Johnny Knoxville is?
Danny Ahr
Danny Ahr 14 kun oldin
uff i dont wanna touche the 19000 clean likes i want, but its too clean to break it
SairAerwyn 14 kun oldin
"He Made a Burger" Amen.
J JJ 15 kun oldin
Focus Mac Focus
P Cass
P Cass 16 kun oldin
I didn't know there were still kids that acted like kids. How refreshing
Immanuel Arriaga
Immanuel Arriaga 17 kun oldin
The whole time I was watching this video, I was saying “Yep. That’s George’s kid alright.” They even play with their hair the same 🤣
Long Nguyen
Long Nguyen 18 kun oldin
my guy definitely has some raw meat in his hair
Kekipai 18 kun oldin
That kids appearance literaly screams iron deficiency
HeXeD87 18 kun oldin
WoodPileDenmark 19 kun oldin
Yo son needs to watch Jackass season 1 asap
Barney Blimp
Barney Blimp 20 kun oldin
mac is annoying as shit
Furkan Deniz Özdemir
ive never seen such an annoying child in my life
Cattle Herder
Cattle Herder 22 kun oldin
Wait... The kid asked who is Johnny Knoxville... Im getting old.
David Clark
David Clark 22 kun oldin
Good job guys. Awesome father/son stuff dude.
RyanDao 23 kun oldin
9:08 they both synchronized lol
DillyDilly 24 kun oldin
Mac is the definition of ADHD
Devyn Kumar
Devyn Kumar 24 kun oldin
IDC if he didn't know Jackass he knew Monty Python and that's enough for me to like him♥️♥️♥️♥️
Syahril Jamm
Syahril Jamm 25 kun oldin
9:07 Like Father like son
ACupOfDuck 25 kun oldin
This was a fun episode! You are so alike! Can you make more cooking with family episodes? Test their skills?
Shaun Pattinson
Shaun Pattinson 26 kun oldin
I miss my Dad
Robert Colgan
Robert Colgan 26 kun oldin
He he a her?
Tommy Mathisen
Tommy Mathisen 26 kun oldin
Do both of them have ADD??
kile13 27 kun oldin
"Here is the thing about smashing. Once you smash the first time you can't go back to resmash" -Geroge Motz
Chris 27 kun oldin
Like father like son @9:08 -- the resemblance is uncanny!
Christine Zellmer
Christine Zellmer 27 kun oldin
Classic, the Burger Expert having a son named “Mac” (Big Mac 🍔) Excellent!!!!! 💕
mrahzzz 28 kun oldin
This is so precious to watch. The info, the family vibing energy, the genuine excitement from both of them, and, I would be remiss to not mention, the "zoning out" editing- perfectly done. So wholesome. The encyclopedia should have a reference to this video next to an entry of "proud parents." This was so good, and infectiously joyful.
JimInPinoyLand 29 kun oldin
I know of Johnny Knoxville, but I am proud to say that he was after my time. I understand he is Jackass - a title that I would not be proud not to bear - although I'll bet some will now bestow a moniker on me at least as colorful. Fun fun :-)
Hannah Mattox
Hannah Mattox 29 kun oldin
Man. That's just a beautiful kid. People pay thousands for a smile like that kid's! There's nothing better than seeing the pride in a dad's eyes when he realizes his kid can potentially do all things better than himself some day ❤️
ultimatesoup Oy oldin
Is Georges son a vampire? Why so pale?
Aakash Ghadge
Aakash Ghadge Oy oldin
James Hoad
James Hoad Oy oldin
If he was my son n he kept playing with his hair over my chopping board like that the clippers would come out n he would have a 0.5 all over then we would carry on with the rest of the video!
suitandtieguy Oy oldin
Content Kings 2050: Mac Motz and Rex Jones
Jay - JB
Jay - JB Oy oldin
Making Monty Python references at that age? That's awesome as hell
Patrick Marriott
Not surprising that George's kid rules lol
Arkaprabha Bhattacharjee
they had the joint together! cheers stoners!
dani brooks
dani brooks Oy oldin
It makes me sad that this guy is influencing the next generation.........
Brett Smerch
Brett Smerch Oy oldin
George Mots Please for Gods sake have a bigger influence on your child. He's not on the right path LOL Already acts like an Instagram fboy
meg Oy oldin
The other kids have lemonade stands at the fundraiser. Mac has a 🍔 stand 👍🤜🤛✊.
Austin Butler
Austin Butler Oy oldin
he was probably up till 4am playin warzone
Hitler The Great
father to son Bro Bro
David Sopkin
David Sopkin Oy oldin
Super cool kid!
Richard Quijas
This video sucks because of the kid
Lamar Davis
Lamar Davis Oy oldin
Yo mac was funny af lol
Nater Tater
Nater Tater Oy oldin
9:07 Yah, they are definitely father an son, my God. The did the exact same motions in unison with the same deer in the headlight look.
mygoshohgolly Oy oldin
9:08 theyre so in sync!!!
Albert Edu Nuñez G.
Is that boy from My Chemical Romance?
James Conaway
James Conaway Oy oldin
This is so perfect
Lesia Mahlay
Lesia Mahlay Oy oldin
I wonder how much hair was in that burger cause that kid cannot keep his hands out of his hair
Brainwashing Detergent
Like father, like son!
Saxton Hale
Saxton Hale Oy oldin
He looks like he's about to drop a pop song.
Francis Norton
This kid oozes with personality just like his dad. Wholesome
doghugs Oy oldin
Things always taste better when you've made it yourself!
Conor Quain
Conor Quain Oy oldin
This was hard to watch.
slitZ Oy oldin
9:09 perfectly in sync pull there hair back
Eric Petersen
Eric Petersen Oy oldin
he said Johnny Knoxville older brother and i can't unsee it
SmokeyOwOs Oy oldin
Man, Mac hurt himself five seconds into the video. He's already on the road to being a successor
ZBadger Oy oldin
10:30 kekw
Retroholic Oy oldin
George Motz looks like Johnny Knoxville if he decided to cook instead of making jackass 4 and i kinda love it, like they have the same face XD
Flight Legit
Flight Legit Oy oldin
Did he say damn at 9:22
klwl Oy oldin
Mac's a born natural!! :D
stephbunnytea Oy oldin
Can I just say, this was so much fun to watch! I couldn't stop laughing the entire video - the two of you have a great dynamic and relationship!
Consequator Oy oldin
I was worried this was a fake video with a look-a-like because George didn't burn himself till around 9:30
Lean En
Lean En Oy oldin
please do the xtudo from brazil
Dr. Braxy Gilkey Cruises
As much as I love these burgers, I just cannot sanction anyone putting ONE slice of cheese on anything. *The minimum acceptable slices of cheese is THREE.* In unrelated news, I have gained a lot of weight. 🤔 I wonder why? 🤣😂🤣 🧀🍰
Jon W
Jon W Oy oldin
Are we sure this is George's son?
Tre916 Oy oldin
I don't love Ketchup, but the ketchup and mayo mixing into thousand/fry sauce on the bun is necessary on a standard burger. Also, that burger, cheese, bun is so sad, that's the most basic kids burger ever. Introduce your kids to some vegetables.
Tre916 Oy oldin
OF COURSE his son's name is Mac... Is his daughter's name Patty?
Amias Oy oldin
Can someone please tell me when you know it's cooked the first side?!? They edit it out!
Marcelino Acosta
I need to learn this cooking technique, where can I get a pan like this?
DeNita DeLisser
NOTHING like a kid that can't be TF still no matter what his parents tax bracket is to humble said parent in public. Good job friends.
Jason O
Jason O Oy oldin
Kids are so cringe.
TheWingus Oy oldin
“I’m already grooming my replacement” Phrasing, George
Joa B
Joa B Oy oldin
His son could play in twilight as a vamp
Hess Oy oldin
George you're the best. I do have few questions to you and if you could take some of your time to answer them it will be appreciated ☺️ What's the temperature of the plancha or griddle you use? What part of beef you use to make your minced meat for burger? And what's the diameter of the ice cream scooper you use? I hope I'll get a response from you... I wanna teach that to my kids 🙂🙏
Terry Weaver
Terry Weaver Oy oldin
Johnny Knoxville and Wolverine love child!
Lewis Oy oldin
no kids kids on the show please
Jamie Summers
Jamie Summers Oy oldin
Trisha Paytas should be on Hot Ones! Or at least on First We Feast somewhere! I WANT TO SEE TRISHA PAYTAS!
Bdubs Oy oldin
Your son is so funny
Alma alshahrani
Okay he is a true representation of a teenager 😂
Josh Coward
Josh Coward Oy oldin
No paternity test required. That's definitely his kiddo lol. Dead ringer.
Ben Gorniak
Ben Gorniak Oy oldin
You two are way too damn cute.
Ben Gorniak
Ben Gorniak Oy oldin
Mac needs to be on EVERY episode, full stop.
Ben Gorniak
Ben Gorniak Oy oldin
Riley Naehu
Riley Naehu Oy oldin
I need sauce on my burgers, at least mayo
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